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Title: Ultragrain High-Performance (HP) first look
Post by: modchef on June 04, 2014, 07:02:16 PM
Just got my hands on a 50 pound bag of Ultragrain High-Performance!  This is a new(ish) product from Conagra, and not available at retail so far.  I used a purchasing consultant that we work with to track it down; from what we're being told, it's not even sold in bags to food-service yet, only to mills for commercial bakeries that can accept bulk.  My sample came in a plain, unmarked brown bag with just a small sticker, no label.

Some external links with more info on the product: ( (

and a spec sheet: (

Our standard restaurant dough is currently a blend of 75% regular Ultragrain + 25% Bouncer Hi-Gluten (unbleached/unbromated), so I have a good familiarity with Ultragrain already.  I'm really curious to see how the HP delivers on its promise of improved gluten strength; one of the articles above claims that HP at ~12% can outperform 14% protein flours.   

I plan to make a few different doughs using this, and when possible I'll cook both at home using a basic stone and at one of our restaurants in a woodstone. 

I'm going to start tonight with a basic Lehman formulation using 100% HP just to see what happens, and will take it from there. Stay tuned!