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New York Style / Looking for Mama's Too house slice dough recipe
« Last post by jpitkoff on Today at 02:24:54 PM »
I know most people love Mama's Too for the square slices, but I'm a huge fan of their NY-style house (i.e. triangle) slice and would love to find a recipe for it. The crust is crispy and light with a really great, well-developed flavor. Any leads?

(Wouldn't mind a recipe for the square slices too though!)

Cookbook Reviews / Re: Modernist Pizza
« Last post by ptix on Today at 02:17:11 PM »

You said you found many ideas for improving your pizza - can you give examples ?
General Pizza Making / Re: NJ Boardwalk Pizza
« Last post by aSliceofHeaven on Today at 02:00:15 PM »
Does anybody have a good sauce recipe for a boardwalk style pizza that is sweet?
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Egg recipes
« Last post by texmex on Today at 01:43:38 PM »
You guys are funny.
fruit or egg in beer is gross.
I know, since I have tried many things in beer.
I wonder if beer poached eggs would be good?

Back to the topic at hand, I was on an egg a day eating spree for about 6 weeks, which is odd for me, but I couldn't stop. From egg on toast to egg burritos, it devolved to buttery french toast, and I mean plenty of it. I started to crave flan custard, but haven't made any. I have used eggs in savory and sweet cheesecakes. I went and made French toast in the middle of trying to write this. gotta eat.
Monthly Challenge / Re: Fall 2021 Pizza Challenge: Squash
« Last post by peetzabone on Today at 01:35:36 PM »
A couple weeks ago I made one topped with butternut squash that I'd rubbed in olive oil and salted. Had a base mix of lemon/salt/pepper/ricotta. Used some garden peppers, summer sausage, toasted walnuts, feta, and arugula (post bake). A little hot honey too. I was hoping the squash would have crisped up more (I shaved it with an apple peeler), but it was still pretty good.

Standard NY Style crust. 2-day ferment.

Did you pre-cook your squash?
Shop Talk / Re: pizza shop question
« Last post by woodfiredandrew on Today at 01:34:07 PM »

I am in the very early stages of starting my own shop. I am trying to find out some basic info for my business plan. I know there are not spot on or guaranteed numbers I'm just looking for a round about average. so if anyone would be willing to help me out i would really appreciate it.
1st What is a avg ticket price (i know area is a big factor) I've seen estimates for 12-40 does this seem right?
2nd Avg daily transactions i really can't find much on this.
3rd How many days are you guys open? 6/7?
4th Is delivery a must? i know a lot of places around me do not deliver.
5th On a avg day what does your staffing look like?
Help with any of these questions would be a huge help!!!
Thanks again for helping a newb out. :chef:

you are asking very open ended questions....imo
What is your vision? if you take a time to put it down then people would shred it based on their thought process.
when i said vision meaning every which way, do you see making 150 pizzas/day,  do you see yourself open from 11am thru 9 pm 6 days or 7 days.
pizza you have in mind to sell to customer, what price would you willing to pay for it if you have to buy it. etc. etc.   
Dough Clinic / Re: Need help with making frozen pizza
« Last post by 02ebz06 on Today at 11:19:17 AM »
I make NY style and freeze the dough balls.
There is no difference in the recipe I use, just the procedure.
My procedure is this:
Instead of shooting for a dough ball that is 75-80f, I shoot for 65-70f.
That involves putting the mixer bowl and hook in the freezer for 15 min. or more.
Measure all the ingredient into separate bowls and put in refrigerator.
I leave it for an hour, but you could just as easily check to see when the water temp gets down to the fridge temp.
After mixing, then form the ball quickly, light put a coat of oil on it, into a bread bag, flatten into a hockey puck, wrap, and put in freezer.

Some have par-baked skins for thin-crust pizza and frozen them.
I have not.  Just my opinion, but I would thing you would be better off freezing the skin by itself. for one thing, you could stand it on edge if needed.
I vacuum seal/freeze all my toppings in amounts that I would put on the pizza.
You could do the same.  Take a par-baked skin and the toppings you want out of the freezer the day before you want to make it.

I've read somewhere that you shouldn't freeze them for more that 2-3 weeks.
Not sure why that it, but I make 3 dough balls and make pizza every other Saturday, so the last one is in freezer for 6 weeks.
I have seen no adverse effects from that.
Shop Talk / Re: pizza shop question
« Last post by Mikefln on Today at 11:00:02 AM »
I am not a shop owner so I cannot help with most of your questions but as a customer in Pittsburgh I can give insight on your 4th question.

Not sure what area in Pittsburgh you are operating but by and large the pizza places that do not deliver around here (and I assume most cities) fall in 3 categories.

1) are either old established shops that have loyal fan bases that are willing to make the effort there because their pizza is great (Fioris/Alleo's/Mineo's/Vincent's if they are still around etc)
2) they are in walking neighborhoods like South Side/Mt Lebo/Sq Hill ect so it is just part of the culture.
3) they are more pizza restaurant then they are pizza shop (il pizzaiolo etc) therefore people go there planning on eating there.

Not saying that delivery is a must, but that is what I see as a pizza customer in the Burgh for whatever that is worth.   

Let me know when you are up and running and location/name I would love to stop by and give your place a try.
Dough Clinic / Need help with making frozen pizza
« Last post by Mikefln on Today at 10:45:42 AM »
First I want to say thank you for all the help over the years.  Even though this is my 1st post I have read these boards and learned a lot for a couple of years.  2nd I do want to say that I did do a search ,and I came up short on the answers I was looking for.

I am an armature pizza maker,  that just cooks for family.  I do not have a single style I make, as the mood I am in can be anything from thin crust, deep dish, Detroit style, if I ever get a dedicated pizza oven I would love to do NY Style, but as you can see I am not making just 1 style.  Like I mentioned I learned a lot from this forum and hoping you can assist with this.

In order  to save time (kids in sports and other activities), my wife and I are going to try to make as many dishes as we can and freeze them so all we need to do is  defrost and warm it or at most defrost then garnish it and then warm.  Well pizza is one of my favorite foods so naturally I want the  ability to do the same with pizza as we are going to do with the other food.  I was going to limit the style to a deep dish and a traditional American style pies, as I cannot do all varieties.  So my questions are:

1)  Is there a special ingredient /recipe I should follow ?

2) Should I just freeze doughballs or should I par bake?

3) If I par bake should I sauce and fully top or just  freeze the skin?  I already have sauce made that I jar ever year in September so not worried about  needing to take time to do that part since it would be minimal time  to sauce/cheese /top?

4) is there a special freezing technique that would help  that  can be duplicated in a kitchen? ( during my search I saw the Dough Dr  explain a commercial set up and that is beyond my capabilities at home.

5) Is there anything else I should know/be aware of?

Thank you very much in your assistance.

Pizza Ovens / Re: Valoriani baby 75?
« Last post by scott r on Today at 10:41:40 AM »
im sure your getting close... no problem curing 24 hours a day now.  It will eventually stop.   again... what an oven... wow!
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