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Title: Pizzeria Vesi
Post by: acbova on November 20, 2017, 10:31:12 PM
This past spring we did a tour of Southern Italy and arranged to have one night in Naples the day of our arrival in Italy.  The B&B chosen was great because it was around the corner from Gino Sorbillo.  However the jet lag and the 1+ wait meant we could not get it done.  We were advised to go to Vesi by our host. 

This was my first taste of pizza from Naples but it matched all I had read about it.  We got one with Eggplant, Provala and Porcetta and one with Porcini and tomatoes.   So so good.

If you want to visit, I don't think google has the right place.  It was across the street from Chiesa della Santa Croce di Lucca.