• #1 by Pete-zza on 12 Jul 2017
  • It is with sadness that I learned from Mike (Essen1) that a former active forum member Terry Deane (tdeane) passed away recently from cancer, just shy of his 45th birthday. When Terry joined the forum I recall that he was a diehard NY style pizza lover, including professionally in NYC. I learned a lot from his posts and our many exchanges, and added the knowledge I gained from him to my own body of pizza knowledge. I would also often cite his posts to other members because they were quality instructive posts from which we could learn a great deal.

    Terry later moved to Canada, which was his home country if I recall correctly, where he started a pizzeria to ply his artisan style of pizza making. I think he started a second pizzeria some time later. Terry would post from time to time but, as with many professionals who were on the forum, his focus was on his business and making a living and supporting his family. But I always remembered him fondly and hoped that he would make a success of his pizza endeavors, as I do with all of our talented pizza makers on the forum who move on to greener pastures in search of fame and fortune.

    Mike was nice enough to cite the following notice:


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  • Peter and Mike,

    Thanks for posting about Terry Deane. 

    I also learned a great amount from Terry after joining the forum.  Terry's posts on making fresh mozzarella were also very good in addition to all of his other posts. 

  • #3 by Matthew on 13 Jul 2017
  • Very sad to hear this; one of the good ones gone far too soon.  RIP my friend.

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  • Very sad news.  :'(
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  • RIP Terry
  • #6 by Essen1 on 13 Jul 2017
  • Too young, too soon.

    I've gotten to know Terry as one of the most passionate guys on thios forum when it came to pizza, especially his passion for NY-style and his admiration for Dom deMarco.

    He was never stingy with advice and always happy to help whenever members here had questions.

    I'm truly sorry and very sad to have learned of his passing.

    R.I.P Terry.
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  • Sad to hear this bad news.
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  • Very sad.  RIP Terry