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General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by Satyen on Today at 01:02:06 AM »
Long time no pizza!
Pizza Ovens / Re: Indoor pizza oven for neapolitan style pizza
« Last post by Bill/SFNM on Today at 12:29:08 AM »
Thread is being locked while moderators confer on violations of the forum's rules of conduct. Meanwhile, here is a reading assignment:

Ask the Dough Doctor / autolyse
« Last post by barrelli on Today at 12:24:05 AM »
Dough Doctor,

What is your opinion of using an  autolyse in pizza dough?

General Pizza Making / Re: Hermit's Pizza Fare
« Last post by Jackitup on Today at 12:20:24 AM »
Looks like a Green Mill....I mean that in a good way! We had a few at my daughter's house a few nites ago and it was way imbalanced, tooooo much sauce and not enough cheese to offset. Yours looks MUCH BETTER, crust looks very similar!
Pizza Ovens / Re: Indoor pizza oven for neapolitan style pizza
« Last post by csnack on Yesterday at 11:40:08 PM »
Nice. I guess it's not surprising. Millennials are known for having the attention span of goldfish.
I'm saying you're largely a combative BS-er who routinely gets called on it and who would drop arbitrary recommendations on a topic you've admitted to knowing nothing about. No one's saying you can't contribute, but OP is seeking meaningful, founded and experienced suggestions on something he's preparing to drop some serious dough on, and you have zero to offer.
So my post isn't helpful, either, and I won't be [too] offended if it gets deleted.
So I made 12 pizzas in exactly two hours tonight. Only preheated for about 1hr 45 min because the gang was hungry. I did not clock cooking times but no pie took more than 5 minutes, generally about 4. I usually had the broil on only when a pie was in the oven, although I forgot to turn it on until halfway through a few of the bakes. Here's my results (temps rounded from general "hot spots" in the middle of the steel):

Starting temp: 630
Pizza #1
Rest time: 2 min
Temp: 580
Pizza #2
Rest time: 2 min
Temp: 530
Pizza #3
Rest time: 7 min
Temp: 560
Pizza #4
Rest time: 2 min
Temp: 550
Pizza #5
Rest time: 2 min
Temp: 580
Pizza #6
Rest time: 3 min
Temp: 520
Pizza #7
Rest time: 10 min
Temp: 560
Pizza #8
Rest time: 3 min
Temp: 560
Pizza #9
Rest time: 10 min
Pizza #10
Rest time: 5 min
Temp: 580
Pizza #11
Rest time: 8 min
Temp: 580
Pizza #12
The End

I can post cell phone snaps of each pizza if there is interest.
The crushed tomatoes SHOULD be sufficiently acidic to control the growth of clostridium...I say "should" because today we have some low acid tomatoes which are not sufficiently acid to control growth if clostridium....this is a very important point to remember if canning pizza sauce.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
Ask the Dough Doctor / Re: Bake bread
« Last post by The Dough Doctor on Yesterday at 10:34:03 PM »
Years ago I had some fun with my students, I gave them unidentified bags of dough mix and told them to add 0.5% IDY and as much water as needed to make a pizza dough, at the end of the exercise everyone had pretty good pizzas on the table. What was so different? Each group of students was given a bag of dough mix formulated to make a different product: French Bread, Vienna Bread, Bagels, Kaiser Roll/Hard rolls, Pretzels and Pizza Dough. The number one question asked was "How can you make such a good pizza from a bagel dough?" The point I was making was that all of these doughs are what we called "ancient" doughs made using typical formulas which, by the way, are all VERY SIMILAR, this is why pizza dough is so versatile in making different kinds of baked goods, dip it in boiling (actually near boiling) water and bake to make a bagel, or brush it with an alkali (dilute sodium hydroxide / 2% solution) , sprinkle with pretzel salt and slow bake to make a pretzel, the rest are nothing more than forming techniques....like I said, pretty versatile.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
Pizza Ovens / Re: Indoor pizza oven for neapolitan style pizza
« Last post by Essen1 on Yesterday at 10:31:41 PM »
You know, back in the day, the debates were centered about helping whoever do what ever they were trying to do.  If you couldn't SPECIFICALLY help them do that, then it is, in general, a good idea not to comment at all.  What this does is manifold:

First and most important, it eliminates conflict.

Second, also important, if a question is either plain stupid or simply impossible, it just fades away into the long good night with no hurt feelings.

Lastly, and also important, it does not make me to put my book down and deal with what are assumed to be adults in a forum dedicated to freindship and a sense of helping.  Ask my kids.  I DO NOT like to have to mediate disputes among CHILDREN, much less adults.

Stop it.

"OK, Stop It, Please" - The Wolf

Who are you alluding to, if you donít mind me asking?
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