• #1 by SwietonM on 04 Aug 2022
  • New pizza book up on Amazon as of last week. Only Kindle version out now; hard-copies are in the works. May be of interest to you fine pizza sligin' folk.
  • #2 by TXCraig1 on 05 Aug 2022
  • Congrats on the book!
  • #3 by SwietonM on 07 Aug 2022
  • Thanks! Hard copies will be available on Amazon soon
  • #4 by SwietonM on 19 Aug 2022
  • 'The Pizza Book You Can't Bring Home to Mama' is available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon as of this morning.

    The book is printed in the USA (many cookbook print jobs are outsourced to China) and on 60lb glossy paper; lots of full-page photos, recipes, and stories from England, New Zealand, and even Connecticut! Ha!

    If you’re looking for a pizza book that is as filthy as it is philosophical; as passionate as it is silly; this might just be your best bet.