• #1 by ecolumbia99 on 06 Aug 2022
  • I'm having trouble with Poselli Super and getting to 80% hydration. When I mix the dough and start to make gluten, the dough for the first couple of folds, seems to be ok. However after I wait 15 minutes and complete some additional folds the dough starts to break. Eventually the dough becomes very runny - kind of comical.

    Does anyone else have any luck with Poselli Super and 80% hydration? I'm making metro/al taglio pizza.

    My process is:

    Polish: over night at RT
    450g Poselli Super
    450g water
    1.67g idy
    Poselli super 550g
    350g water
    25g salt
    20g olive oil

    Mix for 20 minutes then
    Complete a 15 minute rest follow by several folds/slaps.
    Repeat the rest/folds 4 times.

    CF for 3 days. Ball night before cooking and take out 4 hours before baking.

    Bake at 350c for 5 minutes
    Bake at 350 with toppings/cheese.
  • #2 by sarahm on 20 Aug 2022
  • I suspect you're not kneading the dough long or hard enough.

    Check out the My 100% hydration pizza pan thread. Make sure to check out the links in Reply 3 and Reply 5.

    I've used the "high speed, beat the snot out of the batter" technique to go as high as 94% hydration with Polselli Super. Also, COLD water is key: I aim for 47 F/8.3 C.
  • #3 by ecolumbia99 on 03 Sep 2022
  • Thanks for the advice on ensuring to mix the dough enough. I'm using a hand held mixer with the dough hooks on it. Typically I mix for 20 minutes and then followed by 4 folds every 15 minutes. Next time I'll mix for 30 or 40 minutes. I use cold water from the fridge so that portion should be ok.

    I ended up reducing the hydration to 70% with my remaining Poselli and the flour performed as expected. I like the taste of Poselli super so I might try it again in the future.