• #1 by AMIK on 17 Sep 2022
  • Hi all,

    Does enriched dough count as alternate grains?

    I have just started an experiment of 10%, 20% & 30% atta (Sher brand used for making Indian Roti) at 75%,75% and 78% hydration respectively. The atta takes so much hydration. The other flour I have available today was just AP unbleached.

    These doughs will go through a 72 hour ferment (probably unless I get really hungry for pizza Monday evening) and will be baked on a baking steel.

    I'm super curious to see how it turns out. I plan to take pictures to document.

    I did some research here and other places and found folks had the best luck when they used between 10-30 % atta--for flavour. So we shall see.

    Also, I've been lurking here for over 10 years (maybe longer with a different user name) and I only now came to the point of being ready to science my dough. :)

  • #2 by barryvabeach on 17 Sep 2022
  • Abby ,  good luck with your experiments.   I have never used Atta, so no help from me.
  • #3 by AMIK on 21 Sep 2022
  • What fun!

    All bulk fermented 24 hours at room temp and then cold fermented in the fridge x 48 more hours.

    All baked on a pizza steel at 550F

    1st photo is 20% atta enriched dough at 75% hydration. It was a vegan potato pizza (don't @ me, it was amazing!). The dough was crispy on the bottom and airy and so very tasty in the centre. It was hard to believe there was no cheese on it!

    2nd photo is the 30% atta enriched dough at 78% hydration (because the atta absorbs so much liquid, this was actually the easiest of the 3 doughs to work with--I wonder if I increased the hydration even more if I would get rid of the chewiness?). The flavour was strong and really nice, but it was too chewy. If you like a flavourful and chewy dough, this is amazing. But too chewy for me.

    3rd photo is the 10% atta enriched dough at 75% hydration. Meh. It was a much softer dough. I won't do this one again

    I chose to use atta vs whole wheat flour because of the texture. I don't like the grainy-ness of whole wheat flour. Atta is whole grain, but milled to be much finer.

    I had a lot of fun and the 18 y/0, 21 y/o and 2 older adults got very full!

    The 20% atta at 75% hydration was the winner. Will do again.