• #21 by apizza on 04 Feb 2021
  • Found this video and like the looks of the bread. Seems like these folks are cranking out the sandwiches. Not crazy about some of the fillings but if that's what they order so be it. I believe this is in London.

  • #22 by markmaly8 on 25 May 2021
  • Any update on how this turned out for you? I haven't really found a straight forward recipe when searching online. Came across this sandwich a few weeks ago and fell in love with this bread.
  • #23 by erickso1 on 25 May 2021
  • I've made it a time or two since.  I'm having trouble getting that oven spring and getting a pocket to form.  I have an Ooni pro and I just need to take the plunge and fire it up 100% with wood, get that temp smoking hot and bake them like that.  From everything I've seen/read/learned the dough is a pretty standard pizza dough.  For me it just a matter of time and priorities. 

    High hydration, higher oil dough, probably in that 100g weight space.  Flattened like a pita or bun.   Baked hot and fast, like 700 -800 deg I think. 
  • #24 by amolapizza on 06 Jun 2021
  • In the video he says it's normal pizza dough.

    I make something similar that's called a panuozzo.

    It's just normal pizza dough, then stretched to be long and flat.  I baked these today as my dough was over fermented and wouldn't have lived until tonight.  I think normally it's made without oil and uses standard Neapolitan dough.

    225g dough balls, 58% hydration, 3% EVO, 3% salt, they had doubled in volume.

    I baked them for about 2 minutes at 400C.

    I think the secret is quite a lot of heat from below, and flattened evenly, neither too thin nor too think.

    Next time I'll try making these instead.