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  • I have a friend in Italy, I want to ask him to buy 1 piece of Saputo Stone and deliver to Australia. 1 stone is enough for me, as pizza will only sit on Saputo, the rest of the brick will be wood burning.

    1. I want a non-circle stone as big as enough(ideal is equal or greater than 35 *35cm). 3.2cm thick. can you recommend a website?
    is this good?

    2. Is any restriction to delivery to Australia? Is any paperwork need to do in custom/border?

    3. Is anything else I need to be aware of?

    4. I read some of Terracotta heat conductivity is 0.31w/m.K, which similar with saputo stone 0.4 W/mK. Can it be used to replace Saputo stone?
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  • Tell your friend to contact these guys, it's one of the traditional biscotto makers, and probably the one you are thinking about.

    I have one in my electrical oven, and I'm very happy with it.

    Edit: Be aware that it's fragile..  Mine arrived ok and it was well packed in styropor, but Australia is nearly the other side of the world..  They are relatively cheap, might be an idea to buy a few just to have some spares or for a better chance with the transport.
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  • Thanks Billg and Amolapizza. There is only 1 size available 4030 h 3,2cm. Will the stock come back soon?

    Is any shipping logistic recommend? The freight will be above $130 euro by air.
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  • I think the best would be to ask your friend to call them.  If they don't have a biscotto in the size you want, there are several more companies in Casapulla that produce a biscotto from the same materials.  He can probably find them in the phonebook, or by searching for "fornace casapulla".  I'm not sure they are really into selling single pieces over the Internet.  I have the feeling that they just produce this kind of material and sell them to people building professional pizza ovens.  I guess selling a single piece for 20-30E is probably more trouble than it's worth for them.

    They are called biscotto because they are baked two times.  First they fill the clay into a wooden form and it bakes in the sunshine.  Then when dried they are baked once again in an oven.  Really a fringe business mainly aimed at people building pizza ovens.

    Regarding shipping I'm not sure what you are asking.  Please bear in mind that it's fragile and might break during transport (something that has really happened to a couple of people).  IIRC transport to Luxembourg was more than the cost of the biscotto itself.
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  • I think they do sell 1 piece, otherwise, the website will have a restriction on the quantity. My "friend" isn't close to me. It's not good to ask him to ring another call and find out and .....  I have a sister-in-law living in German, she maybe can help. But as you said, the fragile will be another problem. Also, the freight fee is quite a lot if it sends by air, which is above 150 euro, on the website I mentioned earlier it said can directly send to Australia with the delivery fee of 280 euro.

    If there isn't a cheap delivery fee I can find out, I will give up as it is also fragile.

    Is any replacement of this stone? Can I use Terracotta or clay brick instead of? I may try this one
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  • You can try:

    The Italians on La Confraternita della Pizza like it.  It's not really a biscotto, rather some kind of terracotta stone.  However they are a lot easier to deal with, IIRC they even answer emails in English.
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  • My sister in law in German told me, the shipping fee by sea is not cheap, and she suggested put a wooden rack to protect it. After considering the price and complexity of administration, I decided to give up. Now I will look for other product like terracotta.
    Or place a cool stone under when the pizza starts to burn. Maybe this is more practical.