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Sauce Ingredients / Re: Upping My Game
« Last post by amolapizza on Today at 02:11:58 AM »
I could buy much cheaper tomatoes, but I figure at 50 cents per pizza I prefer to have a reliably super tasty tomato than taking a chance.  It's really the least of the cost, compared to mozzarella and various cold cuts.
Newbie Topics / Re: Neapolitan pizza fermentation time
« Last post by Yak on Today at 02:05:32 AM »
Thanks Billg that makes perfect sense.

This might be a silly question but the % of yeast I assume that is % by weight?

Is it the percentage of just the flour you put in? Or is it the percentage of the entire mix (flour, water, salt and yeast)?
Newbie Topics / Need advice on improving my NY style Pizza
« Last post by Ice Cream Sandwich on Today at 01:44:51 AM »
Hi everyone, I've been lurking around here for a few years and finally made some NY style pizza. I was wondering if I could get some of your advice on improving.

I used two different recipes for the pizza dough, one was scott123s and the other was a Lehmann style dough.

The major trouble areas for me were in kneading the dough, fermenting the dough, and stretching the dough.

I hand knead my dough, since I don't have mixers or similar equipment. This was my first time kneading, and I used this video for technique reference .
One cycle of folding the dough, rolling, and turning probably took me 2-3 seconds. I was wondering about some things on kneading.
  • How long should I knead the dough, and does it have to window pane? With both doughs I aimed for a window pane effect or close to it. Although I've read that 4-6 mins was enough, I found that I had to knead for 15-30 minutes so that the dough would have some window pane.
  • If I knead for 4-6 minutes, my dough's doesn't come out smooth, and the dough is not really elastic and rips easily.
  • Is it normal for the dough to look like its coming together as you're kneading it only for it to suddenly start tearing everywhere? I don't believe I was forceful with my kneading.

I cold fermented my doughs for roughly 45-48 hours. I noticed that my scott123 12" pizza doughballs were easier to stretch and had some elasticity. The doughball was ~1.5-1.75x bigger coming out of the fridge. I think my Lehmann style 14" pizza doughballs came out over-fermented. The dough tripled in size and was about to come out of the glass pyrex bowl. There was a lot of holes in the bottom some quite big, and it was extremely stretchy. When I tried using gravity stretching, it drooped down and tore easily.
  • How could I prevent the overfermenting of my doughs? The Lehmann style dough had 0.375% IDY vs the 0.5% IDY scott123 dough, so I thought it wouldn't overferment.

I opened the dough on a rubber cutting board and also tried on a countertop dusted with bench flour. In both cases I found that I couldn't turn the edges of my dough. It always felt like there was a lot of friction preventing it from turning.

For my bakes, I preheated my baking steel at 500 degrees for an hour, and the steel gets to 530-540 degrees. I baked the pizzas for 6-7.5 mins. 6 mins seems to be best for me, since 7 mins made the texture really flat and dry. I really liked the texture of how the Lehmann pizzas came out. It had a lighter, airy quality to it. I did notice though that my cheese almost always boils over, and it runs like lava just after baking. How do I prevent this? I use cold cheese with room temp sauce.

Here are the dough recipes I used:

Scott123's pizza dough (Two 12" pizzas)
King Arthur Bread Flour (100%): 326g
Water (room temp) (61%): 198.8g
IDY (.5%): 1.629g
Salt (1.75%): 5.7g
Soybean Oil (3%): 9.78g
Sugar (1%): 3.26g
Total (167.25%): 545g
TF = 0.085

Lehmann style dough (Two 14" pizzas)
King Arthur Bread Flour (100%): 477g
Water (63%): 300.56g
IDY (.375%): 1.79g
Salt (1.75%): 8.35g
Soybean Oil (1%): 4.77g
Sugar (1%): 4.77g
Total (167.125%): 797.315g
TF = 0.091

New York Style / Re: Lucali; has anyone come close?
« Last post by billg on Today at 01:42:02 AM »
I think he's pretty consistent.  He comes across as being very care free and non scientific to his approach but at the end of the day I bet he follows the same recipe day in and day out because he is quite happy with the results.  I've eaten there many times and never had a bad pie.  I also half believe any video or content about recipes from anyone on the internet.  People want to clone it because they like it.  He's a high profile "celebrity" pizza guy with a very successful business.  He didn't get that way by being inconsistent!!!!!
Newbie Topics / Re: Neapolitan pizza fermentation time
« Last post by billg on Today at 01:31:20 AM »
In a nutshell, Lets say the table predicts the dough would be ready in 24 hours.  Mix the dough, let in bulk ferment for say 12-18 hours, then ball for the remaining time, then start the baking process.  The chart predicts the estimated time the dough will be ready.  You can choose how long to bulk and ball for based on personal preference.  It really comes down to trial and error.  There are many other factors to consider but if you follow the chart, the dough should be ready at the predicted time.
Newbie Topics / Bread Improver for pizza
« Last post by pizza peran on Today at 01:22:51 AM »
Hi all,
        i would like to know is bread improver is important in commercial production of pizza if so how to identify correct bread improver according to my region and temperature.
Neapolitan Style / Re: Margherita Madness 3 - 2021
« Last post by fyn on Today at 01:14:31 AM »
I had an embarrassing overproofing incident last weekend so I'm late to the party, but that just means I'm arriving when everyone's starting to have fun!

Ciao amici!

Neapolitan Style / Re: Margherita Madness 3 - 2021
« Last post by Yael on Today at 12:15:19 AM »
Ok so I'm afraid I don't have time to make a whole Margherita so I bought the "Märgherït" kit at IKEA  :-D :-D

(just to realize they forgot to include EVOO  >:()
Prep Equipment / Restaurant dough proofer found at thrift store
« Last post by nightdasher on Yesterday at 11:57:32 PM »
I recently found a restaurant quality dough proofer at a thrift store for $50 and was wondering what you guys thought about me picking it up? Do you think I should get it? The pizza place I work at uses the exact same proofer so I know it is a good one. I cannot test it in the thrift store but it looks very clean. What do you guys think?
Home Ovens / Re: New pizza oven Carbon kitchen
« Last post by Jackie Tran on Yesterday at 11:52:02 PM »
Don't forget the new Ooni Karu 16!!

One of my better pies tonight.   Carbon oven on the stock floor doubled up.  875f x 65s using a malted AP flour. 
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