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Dough Clinic / Re: Bottom Of Pizza Not Crisp.
« Last post by erickso1 on Today at 10:50:44 AM »
Agree with Nickyr on the IR.  My stone usually varies between 50 to 100 degress, front to back (ooni pro).  My first pizza usually hits the stone when stone temp is 650 or so, and its rotate, rotate, rotate while the flame comes over the top.  After I pull it, I put the full door back on, and drop a piece of wood into the box to get floor temp back up. 
Focaccia Style / Re: 4 Hour Taglio
« Last post by erickso1 on Today at 10:32:10 AM »
Interesting.  I'll have to give the Taglio, and the yeast a try.  Need to find it around here at the HEB first.
Home Ovens / Re: New pizza oven Carbon kitchen
« Last post by billg on Today at 10:13:26 AM »
Really Nice!!!!!
Dough Clinic / Re: Bottom Of Pizza Not Crisp.
« Last post by nickyr on Today at 10:07:37 AM »
Definitely get an infrared thermometer. The stone temp of the Ooni pro is not necessarily correlated to the temp on the doorís thermometer. I only use the door thermometer to keep an eye on the initial preheat and then use the IR thermometer to see when itís actually ready for a pizza. In that oven Iíve found itís all about balancing the stone temp with the amount of fire coming over the top, baking the top of the pie. 30 minutes was probably not long enough for the preheat, unless you had a big flame rolling over the top of the oven to get the stone nice and warm. With an IR thermometer youíll know for sure!
Dough Clinic / Re: How do I improve my dough?
« Last post by Pete-zza on Today at 10:02:46 AM »
A google makes me assume CM is Central Milling?


For future reference, see:


Home Ovens / Re: New pizza oven Carbon kitchen
« Last post by Jackie Tran on Today at 08:11:13 AM »
Here is another set up for you guys to try.   Firebrick on top of the stock stone.  This elevates the pie closer to the flame.  60s bake using malted AP flour.
Dough Clinic / Re: How do I improve my dough?
« Last post by PizzaPartisan on Today at 07:55:05 AM »
A google makes me assume CM is Central Milling?

If so IMO the 00 has plenty of protein, so to reduce the wheaty flavour just dispense or reduce the use of the less refined bread flour.

You say you don't like the preferment flavours but also want a tiny bit more acid. If you want a direct dough and a bit more acid I believe the way to go would be a CF so you can ferment for longer, develop more of the gasses without overproofing your dough. Honestly though once you're waiting 48hrs or more for a BF it may be worth looking into Poolish or Biga methods. Poolish especially is not really a big hassle. I'm not 100% on this aspect so maybe someone else can confirm or deny.

I'm not clear what you're asking about salt. Salt adds flavour, aids gluten development and tempers yeast growth, so be aware of how it will effect your dough. As I understand it the last factor is why RT ferments use more salt, so if you're CFing you may find less salt is appropriate. I wouldnt go less than 2% for starters tho, I think you'll be getting a bit bland.
Shop Talk / Re: Stretch and Fold in Commercial Ops
« Last post by Cogs on Today at 06:48:27 AM »

Although a bakery, he seems to manage just fine.
Dough Ingredients / Re: 00 vs 0 Flour
« Last post by nickyr on Today at 01:27:50 AM »
What style of pizza do you want to make?
Pizza Ovens / Re: Help narrow a list of home pizza oven choices?
« Last post by Chris Barnes on Yesterday at 10:43:44 PM »
I just happened to stumble upon this thread by chance, but I've been using a Forno Piombo 36" oven for nearly 5 years.  I sold the original FP oven when we moved 2 years ago to the new home owners, and happily purchased a new 36" for our new residence.  We simply love this oven, and use it every weekend.  The new oven has the provisions for the gas option which we plan on taking advantage of when we renovate the backyard.  Until then, we burn either olive or pecan and use this oven for absolutely everything we cook using an oven.  The intermediate dome height is quite versatile for both pizza as well as roasted food and vegetables.  I have absolutely no skin in this game, but we love the oven and love supporting Tony and Guy Piombo!  Cheers!

Phoenix, AZ
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