• #1 by bschenk8 on 11 Nov 2021
  • Hi everybodyó

    Iím throwing a pizza party for my girlfriends birthday and wanted to get a 3 day ferment in. Got home super late last night and ended up kneading/ mixing my dough less than I normally do.

    Does the picture of the dough below look way under mixed? Iím worried that the dough will tear for the pizza partyÖ

    I could remake it tonight if necessary. What do u think??
  • #2 by bschenk8 on 11 Nov 2021
  • Itís not as smooth as Iíd like 😬
  • #3 by wb54885 on 11 Nov 2021
  • I would only worry about smoothness if itís intended to be in its final ball shape before stretching. If this is a bulk dough that is going to be divided into smaller balls later, thatís your chance to get it smoother. If itís a single dough ball that you plan to use for one pizza, then with 72 hours until use, you have plenty of time later today, tomorrow, or even the next day to give it a final shaping before use.

    Assuming you mean 3-day refrigerated ferment? Whatís the flour and hydration, and how do you bake?