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If I were to venture a guess, I think your hydration value, 63%, is too high for a 00 flour, and also that your yeast quantity, at 0.0341% (0.23/280), may be too high for the fermentation temperature, 30C, you are using.

With respect to the hydration value, I think I would use around 59-60% to see if that improves matters. The flour you are using has a minimum absorption rate of 57% (I did not see a maximum value in the specs for the flour).

As for the yeast quantity, if you look at member Craig's chart at Reply 166 at https://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=26831.msg393271#msg393271 (click to enlarge), you will see a recommended amount of IDY of 0.006%, for a dough that is to ferment for about 27 hours at 30C (86F). So, you might try using less yeast.


It's hard to smell the pizza over the stench of BS in that advertisement disguised as an article.
Neapolitan Style / Re: My Road To Napoli
« Last post by amolapizza on Today at 04:58:28 PM »
Made some more Classica.

611g Caputo pizzeria (100%)
354g Water (58%)
18g Salt (2.9% - 50g/l)
18g EVO (2.9% - 50 g/l)
1.31g fresh CY (0.214%)

Mixed 5 minutes on the lowest speed in my spiral mixer, the oil added at minute 3.  1 hour of bulk and 9 in balls at around 20C.  Doughballs were 225g.  Baked for 2.5 minutes in my p134h with biscotto, the upper thermostat set to 350 and the lower to 425C.

The first one is the original capricciosa, it comes from a pizzeria called La Capricciosa in Rome.

I'm really happy that this works out so well.  It's a really tasty alternative to Napoletana or Tonda Romana.  It's also a lot less stress when baking, as the temperature is lower there is a lot more margin.
Home Ovens / Re: Little Black Egg
« Last post by PizzaEater101 on Today at 04:57:10 PM »
Do people still use their LBEís ?? 
Or has the roccbox/ Ooni  ovens put an end to DIY builds??

I sure do.  I like it because I can make a 18 inch pizza for NY Style.  I like eating big pizza slices.
Neapolitan Style / Re: Da Michele project in my Pizza Party oven
« Last post by TXCraig1 on Today at 04:54:31 PM »
I like the look of the first one a lot.
General Pizza Making / Re: Pizza Tonda Romana
« Last post by Sandurz on Today at 04:53:26 PM »
Both could have used a little less oven, and the 4C was a little too cheesy.
Still good, but always room for improvement!
Cookbook Reviews / Re: Anthony Falco Pizza Czar
« Last post by TXCraig1 on Today at 04:53:01 PM »
Pizza book are made for people who want to up their pizza game from garbage to OK or who have misguided fantasies of going from OK to great. The market of people who are willing to do what it takes to make great pizza however could never support a book.
Shop Talk / Off-brand mixers
« Last post by JD on Today at 04:52:04 PM »
Iíve been mixing around 150lbs of dough a week by hand and Iím looking at buying a 30-40qt mixer to help with the work load. I was quoted $3000 for a used Hobart, ouch! You can buy new off-brand mixers for under $2000 but I have no idea the quality. Can anyone recommended something non-Hobart based on experience?
General Pizza Making / Re: Pizza Tonda Romana
« Last post by Sandurz on Today at 04:51:20 PM »
Thanks, yes the mushroom was raw, it's my personal preference.

So when you put them raw they stay mostly raw?
I do eat mushroom raw, I have to experiment on pizza.

I drain my mozzarella for a few hours, I just leave the ball in a bowl and every once in a while I pour out the liquid.  For PTR I cut it in cubes, but relatively late as when they spend a long time already cut then they tend to stick to each other.  I guess it depends on the Mozzarella that one uses, and yes bufala is definitely wetter than normal fior di latte.

Tomorrow I will try to use some closer to best before date mozzarella, and see if it is somewhat better.
I'll slice it in the morning and leave it to drain in a colander.
The fact that the cubes stick together it's usually not a big issue and I thinks makes more liquid come out. (it makes putting it on the pizza trickier though so maybe I can slice it before and dice it after?)

I think if you can stretch a 180g ball to 30-31cm then that's perfect for this style.  There's even a roman pizzeria called 180g :D

I think 35-38 cm would be best.
I have not been to 180 yet, but as soon as things become a little more normal I'll have to go.

I think a bit of oil or strutto in the dough helps with crust.

I used to put 4% oil in the dough.
Then I lowered it to 2% and it seemed better.
I'll have to try 4% again to double check though.

Nice looking pizza you have there!

The orange parts bother me.

(attached a white four cheese pizza and broccoletti pizza)
Hi All!

I have been working on making Neapolitan pizza's for some time now, but my dough balls always flatten out during the proofing phase.

I use Le 5 Stagioni - Pizza Napoletana tipo 00 flour (13% Protein | W300).

Recipe (Calculations made using PizzApp+):
4 Doughballs - 280g
- 675g flour (100%)
- 425g Water (63%)
- 20g Salt (3%)
- 0.23g IDY

Proofing at 20C for 24 hours.

The Dough Process:
- Dissolved the salt in the water. Added the flour and yeast on top of the water and started the stand mixer
- I used the intervals from Peter Reinhart for kneading as described in another post on the forum*. It basically entails "4 minutes knead at low speed, a rest period of 5 minutes, and 2 minutes at medium-low speed, for about 5 cups of flour"
- I then formed the balls into doughballs and put them in my proofing box. The balls looked somewhat like the first picture when initially put away (I didn't make a picture of my own since I didn't think this would be happening this time, but the balls looked the same but slightly more damp)
- Now approx. 5 hours in the balls look like the second picture, I am wondering what is causing this and what I am doing wrong. I have had this every time when making Neapolitan style pizza's.

If anyone knows what I can do to prevent this and if it is a big deal, I would love to hear it.
Thank you so much in advance!

* Link to forum post: https://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=3204.0
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