• #1 by Adam T on 10 May 2014
  • My dough was really tough to open. How can I improve my dough to make it more extensible?

    KABF, 63% water ~70*, 3% salt, 2% starter for a 25 hour total raise.

    I dissolved the starter and then salt in the water. I added the flour and mixed with a spoon and hands in the bowl. I did a short hand knead of the dough and let it sit at 67* room temp. 3 hours later I folded the dough a couple of times and put the dough back to bulk raise at 67* for 11 more hours. At hour 15 I scaled and balled the dough into individual containers and let sit at 76* room temp for 9 more hours. After 25 hours I baked the pizzas. The dough took a lot of work to slowly open the dough. The 250g dough balls barely opened into 12" skins, some may have been only 11".

    What can I change to make the dough more extensible so the skins open easier?
  • #2 by mitchjg on 10 May 2014
  • It may have been that you needed a few more hours to ferment or more starter in the dough.  Look at Craig's model here.

    Quickly eyeballing it, I think you could have gone about 4 more hours.

    - Mitch
  • #3 by Aimless Ryan on 10 May 2014
  • After letting the dough rise, you folded the dough. If you don't do that, the dough will most likely be much easier to stretch.
  • #4 by Adam T on 13 May 2014
  • Mitch and Ryan, thanks for the help!

    I made two batches of dough, one was a 40 hour dough, and the other was a 20 hour dough. I balled the 40 hour dough at 24 hours pre-bake, and the 20 hour dough went straight to balls and individual containers right after kneading. For both I just kneaded the dough on the counter right after mixing. The results were MUCH better.

    Instead of taking 7 minutes per pizza to open and top it took more like 2.5 minutes. It's just what I needed, I was able to bake 7 pies in 35 minutes. For the bake session with the "elasta-dough" it took me 60 minutes to bake 6 pizzas!