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  • Well,...what's your HG flour? Is it bleached? Unbleached? Protein content?

    Give us the brand name.

    It's Glick's high gluten flour from Walmart, unbleached and unbromated.:

    Glad Peter's preferment for the Lehmann dough worked out good for you.  Peter worked very hard doing the calculations for me and if other people wanted to try to make less dough balls.  Did you bake exactly at the same temperature and the exact same amount of time when using the KABF and the high gluten flour?  I even find when opening a dough a little different that there are different results in how brown the rim crust will be.

    The KABF pie baked slightly faster, 5:30 vs. 6 at the same temperature, 550 F with convection on.  The major difference and possibly the contributing factor is the dough formulation.  I used Peter's 16" pie dough recipe with the KABF to make two dough balls 254g each.  Whereas for the HG, I scaled his recipe down for a single 12" dough ball, approximately 283g.   I also upped the salt slightly from 1.75% to 2%.  I know that can affect the rate of fermentation.  Below is the preferment for a 12" pie in case anyone wants to make a smaller pie:

    Total Lehmann NY Style Dough Formulation
    High Gluten Flour (100%):  172.32g
    Water (61%):  105.11g
    IDY (0.40%):   0.689g
    Salt (2%):  3.45g
    Olive Oil (1%):  1.72g
    Total (164.15%):  283.289g | TF = 0.08932
    Note: Nominal thickness factor = 0.088; for five dough balls for five 16" pizzas; bowl residue compensation = 1.5%

    Preferment (Poolish)
    High Gluten Flour (100%):  42.03 g 
    Water (100%):  42.03 g 
    IDY (0.30%):  0.126 g
    Total (200.3%):  84.186 g
    Note: Poolish represents about 80% of the Total Formula Water and about 30% of the total dough weight.

    Final Mix
    Poolish (from above):  84.186 g
    Remaining Total Formula High Gluten Flour (100%):  130.27 g
    Remaining Total Formula Water (48.4166%):  63.08 g
    Remaining Total Formula IDY (0.4324%):  0.563g
    Total Formula Salt (2.31470%):   3.45g
    Total Formula Olive Oil (1.3228%):  1.72g
    Total Dough Batch Weight:  283.269g

    I attached some pictures to illustrate the difference between the two.  The most dramatic difference is in the undercarriage.  Pics 1 & 4 are pies made with HG flour.  Pics 2 & 3 are KABF.
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  • Chi_Guy,

    Thanks for explaining.  Don't think I could explain why things were different.

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