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Off-Topic Foods / Re: thanksgiving 2017
« Last post by Tscarborough on Today at 01:20:31 PM »
My daughters are cooking a vegetarian Thanksgiving, and my wife took the jalapeno out of the simmering cranberry sauce.  I am going to the garage.
New York Style / Re: rparker's NY Style Mis-adventures
« Last post by rparker on Today at 12:36:39 PM »

The Jack's Farm White Sharp cheddar purchased at Rest. Depot was very good mixed with the regular cheddar used at market along with Saputo whole milk mozzarella.  Posted a photo of the Jack's Farm white sharp cheddar along with the other cheeses at Reply 3203 https://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=30641.msg496013#msg496013

Thanks, Norma. I did do a significant portion of a 535F-ish bake using the James Farms cheddar, but I do not recall what I felt about it. I may try again now that my temp ranges and oven has changed. I was surprised to see nice comments about the Saputo Mozzeria. I did not like the one I got. I do not specifically recall which exact product it was.

I've been meaning to ask you. I looked in your thread and did not see it. Have you ever used lactose "powder" as a browning agent or flavor enhancer? I got some this week and mixed a batch yesterday. I think I try the first bake tomorrow. The reason I got it was because it was not fermentable, or whatever the term is when yeast will not use it. I replaced half the LDMP (low litner), but mixed in with sugar and dissolved instead of adding dry to the flour. 

New York Style / Re: More flavour in dough
« Last post by rparker on Today at 12:30:06 PM »
It looks very nice, Targus8D. Did you take any shots of the bottom crust and the cross section, like a side view of a slice?
Neapolitan Style / Re: My pizzas
« Last post by corkd on Today at 12:24:38 PM »
Nice looking pies!
Off-Topic Foods / Re: thanksgiving 2017
« Last post by nick57 on Today at 12:06:52 PM »
  Multitasking today. Making the feast and a cracker crust dough plus made the poolish for my NY style. These are for the OU game Saturday. Made a big mistake by bringing my pies to the game parties. They get upset now when I don't show up with them. I guess they must like them. I did all the prep work for the Thanksgiving meal last night. It feels strange not rushing around the kitchen like a chicken with my head cut off. It's gonna make for a easy day with good food, family and friends.
New York Style / Re: More flavour in dough
« Last post by Targus8D on Today at 12:06:33 PM »


Your pizza looks very good.  :) Did you like the taste of the pizza? 

Oh ya. I have never had a NY pizza before so I don't know how it compares but to me it tasted great.
General Pizza Making / Re: % of starter in sourdough pizza
« Last post by TXCraig1 on Today at 10:57:53 AM »
I may have missed something already mentioned here as I just skimmed it quickly, but it sounds like you are making NP pizza and if so I've had the best luck at levels under 5%SD for this style and a RT fermentation cycle of about 48 hours in the low 60sF.

That said -- I defer to Craig as he has a ton of experience in this area AND I've personally tasted his NP pizza and it's amazing.

** note: by "pizza" I'm primarily referring to Neapolitan pizza.

In Naples, they use water as the basis of the percentages. For pizza made with sourdough, the conventional wisdom there is <5% which equates to about <3.1% of the flour at typical hydrations. I subscribe to a philosophy that I believe originated in Naples that 'Pizza is not bread.' This is manifest in many ways, one of which is the amount of starter used. Pizza is not made with the indirect (preferment) method. Unlike much bread dough, flavor in Pizza dough is developed over time as opposed to being introduced by a preferment character that overtakes the dough. I also think there are broad negatives of introducing large amounts of acids and enzymes all at once as opposed to developing them slowly over time.

Having experimented with levels as high as 54% (https://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=10237.0) and at many points in between, I'm solidly in the "less is more" camp.  Is the cutoff 3%? I don't know. All of my best Pizza has been made at 2.2% or less, but that may be a result of other factors including time and temp. For dough over 24 hours, I think 3% is a good number. My gut feeling is that for dough <24 hours, a max of somewhere in the 5-7% range is right though I think 3% may still make better pizza if you mind your P's & Q's.
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Bread
« Last post by HBolte on Today at 10:35:01 AM »
Thanks Tony.  Iíll have to bring you some when we meet up for pizza.
Shop Talk / Re: Keeping pizza's warm
« Last post by The Dough Doctor on Today at 10:31:08 AM »
It's either the top of the oven or a heated/warming shelf. I've never seen anyone putting anything between the box and the top of the oven. If it's hot enough to cook the pizza or cause the box/bag to burn you might need to look into a new oven or oven insulation.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
Pizza Ovens / Re: Bakers Pride Compact Oven - M02T find
« Last post by norcoscia on Today at 10:25:20 AM »
Wow, thanks - can't wait to take the back off mine. I hope I have the willpower to not hook up a few big relays and stick in a few thermocouples attached to an Arduino  :-D
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