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Title: caputo dough recipe and oven question
Post by: judyDenver on March 16, 2013, 05:15:12 PM
I got a great deal on the red bag of Caputo 00 flour.  I now have 20 pounds!  I have been reading so many threads and hope I have understood the basic principles.  I am not striving to achieve a certain type of crust--just something will elicit a response better than "well, I guess it's ok" 

 Please let me know if you agree with my basic recipe to use at high altitude:

5.68 oz Caputo 00 flour
3.25 oz 100 degree water  57%
5/8 tsp sea salt  2%
1/6 tsp IDY

dissolve IDY in water.  Add salt then flour.  Mix in Kitchenaid with paddle.  Let rest 30 minutes.  Use dough hook to knead 5 minutes then hand knead.  Fold rotate, rest 15 minutes. knead 2-3 minutes.
Form into ball, put in zip lock and refrigerate for 48 hours.  Warm up for 2 hours. 

I have a standard home oven and a pizza stone.  Should I put the stone on the floor of the oven then,  turn on the broiler and raise the stone to the top for the final minute?