• #1 by PescaraGreg on 22 Oct 2021
  • Hi, everyone. 

    I am interested in exploring the simple glories of pizza alla marinara.

    I have access to basically everything: Tomato Magic, 6/1, 7/11, 74-40, 80-40, all the prepared sauces, plus Mutti, San Marzanos, Costco, etc, etc. The one caveat is that all of the Stanislaus and Escalon products are #10 cans, and I would just be making one or two pizzas on the weekend. 

    Not that they are all that expensive, but if I was going to take one shot for a fresh, chunky-ish sauce, which one should I start with? or at least one that will orient me where I could then say, ok, I'd like to go a little chunkier, a little less chunky, etc?

  • #2 by jsaras on 22 Oct 2021
  • Assuming a standard 800 gram can, Id vote for the Mutti or real San Marazano with 3-4 grams of salt.  Im not sure which Costco tomatoes you have, but I really liked their San Marzano tomatoes when I had them in my pantry.

    The Stanislaus tomato products are excellent, but I think of them as being more appropriate for non-Neapolitan pizza styles. 
  • #3 by Pizza_Not_War on 22 Oct 2021
  • Bianco organic is my current love. Naturally sweet tomatoes, needs nothing added for a great sauce. For price conscious people it is occasionally on sale at a good price.