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Chicago Style / Re: Chicago Thins at 600 degrees
« Last post by Cartersauce11 on Today at 05:06:27 PM »
The 43% made a really crispy crust as well that lasted a good 20-25 minutes.  People said this was the best thin crispy crust they ever had, so people had an opinion on it.  Personally I liked it too and close to the best but not sure until it gets compared to Ceresota AP.  This pizza was crispy all the way through.  Baked at 475

PizzaGarage. Great looking pies. Wondering if you have any updates on this style or if you've nailed down a formulation & process?
Shop Talk / Pizzeria-Specific Business Mentoring Resources
« Last post by Globalksp on Today at 04:55:45 PM »
Hi all,

I'm in the midst of sorting out my desire to bring my "NP" pizzas and cooking to a wider audience here in this midwest town that doesn't have a single NP style pie within about a 2 hour drive.

I'm at the point of creating business plans for 2 different concepts (brick & mortar and mobile, with the former being the goal) and am running up against my knowledge walls, getting frustrated, and wanting assistance.

I currently utilize these forums, PMQ, read the industry publications, have listened to so many interviews with pizzeria owners, have consulted my personal friends in the industry (none pizza specific, but pizza adjacent) but again am left wanting personalized (for lack of a better term) help. The ability to stage at a business who operates in a fashion I'd like to model doesn't exist for geographic as well as familial/logistical reasons.

I'm aware of the SCORE business mentorship programs, but none of the folks in my area have any hospitality experience let alone independent pizzeria experience. I'm also aware of Perfecting Pizza, but haven't yet pulled the trigger as I'm unsure if I'm far enough along in the planning.

 If any of you current/previous business owners have mentored folks on the business side of the industry and/or if any of you have mentoring resources you could recommend, I'm all ears.

New York Style / Re: My NY style journey
« Last post by typecase on Today at 04:27:11 PM »
Made three more 20 inch pies this weekend, this time with a cooked sauce with oregano, garlic, onions and tomato. This again had the same crust  with Grande whole milk and part skim mixed (East Coast Blend) cheese. Because I had to buy 30 pounds of cheese (!), I had to freeze some of the cheese I opened from last week and I was curious how it would defrost and perform, especially as a shredded product. I'm happy to report  it is by far the best low moisture cheese I've used so far and held up beautifully upon defrost and cooking. Vacuum sealing it ruined the shred though and and I had to reshred it but it performed exceptionally well.  Even in reheating some of the slices, however, the cheese holds up. Taste is great with a great butterfat taste of whole milk cheese but none of the greasiness typically associated with a full fat cheese.

Bottoms were great, with only a small rim of char and some nice leoparding on the bottom of the pies most of which was brown to dark brown and not black. These were about a four to four and half minute bake.

Not sure if the cooked or the simple sauce is better. My home is split on this. I prefer the more complex sauce but some preferred the simple sauce. Time will tell and only a head to head will probably answer this. Excited for my next bake as consistency is finally coming more of a regularity rather than a rarity. 

Prep Equipment / Re: Scales for Dough Making
« Last post by Timpanogos Slim on Today at 04:25:53 PM »
I've been pleasantly surprised with this scale which has a 33lb capacity and is really cheap. You can set the auto turn off as well. Assuming you can decipher directions.

TICWELL Essential Food Scale 33lb Digital Kitchen Scale Weight Grams Oz for Cooking Baking Multifunction Food Scale 1g Precise Graduation 6 Units Screen Touch

I think you must have an earlier model that is no longer for sale, the $13 one came with a manual that doesn't mention changing that setting.
Prep Equipment / Re: Scales for Dough Making
« Last post by Timpanogos Slim on Today at 03:50:39 PM »

I meant who do you mean by AND scales? I see there's an A&D company?
It was just an idea, I haven't handed out any free pizza codes or anything lol. It looks like that was a not great idea so people will pay full price or they can go get Little Ceasers.  My area has a ton of super cheapskates who aren't used to good pizza so I was thinking $20 for a 16" pizza will throw them off so business might be harder to come by.

But 12-20 pizzas a night is such a small number, so I'll find the people who don't expect a pizza to be $12 or less.  Maybe my slick but way overpriced postcard flyers will attract all the attention I'll need.
Sauce Ingredients / Re: BIANCO DiNAPOLI
« Last post by Quebert on Today at 03:11:07 PM »

I haven't used 7/11 in a long time since I've switched to Alta Cucina.  I  don't remember it being thin?

Well, I guess thin's relative, thin for what I want. When I run it thru a strainer I'm left with like 4 cups of tomato juice. I don't want tomato paste on my pizza but I don't like super runny sauce either.
I buy 7/11 because it's what the local store sells, I do like it, but it's way too watery for me so I end up losing what seems like half the can when I strain.  I can't find Full Red or Pizzaiolo locally and off Amazon with shipping, they're about 4 times the price.  I make NY style and like a thicker sauce, is the consistency of full red or Pizzaiolo close to 7/11? Dropping $20 to get a can shipped and losing a good portion of it to straining doesn't sound great.
Fantastic experiment! Thanks for doing it and taking the time to write it up and share your results.
Pizzeria & Restaurant Reviews / CENTRO Wood Fired - Cedar City, UT
« Last post by Howitzer21 on Today at 02:33:17 PM »
If you're visiting national parks in SW Utah, like Zion NP or Bryce Canyon NP, definitely make a stop in Cedar City at Centro. Great pizza, great service! We ate there 3 / 4 nights in town, and would have been 4 / 4 if we knew how busy it got ahead of time...
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