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Neapolitan Style / Re: Pizza on Gabriola
« Last post by Icelandr on Yesterday at 12:28:55 PM »
I like the flour, purchased during Covid because Caputo was not available. I sent some to Arne Jervell so he could try it and he did a write up of his experience with it . . . Far more comprehensive than I would have written.  Have a look at reply # 1332 of Arne’s “Doughs of my Life”
Would I buy it again . . . Yes.
Pizza Ovens / Re: $137 Expert Grill Charcoal Pizza Oven from WalMart
« Last post by RHawthorne on Yesterday at 12:18:05 PM »
Is anyone else here experiencing a problem with the front legs getting weak? I've had to prop up my oven with some bricks under the front end because the legs feel unstable and weak and they're visibly spreading out, even though they're definitely screwed in as tight as they can get.
Neapolitan Style / Re: Pizza on Gabriola
« Last post by Mark Polo on Yesterday at 12:05:40 PM »
I like those pies Greg.  Notice any difference between Primo Mulino 00 and Caputo 00?  Mark
Pizza Ovens / Re: Consolidated Halo Topic
« Last post by Essen1 on Yesterday at 11:53:06 AM »
Couple of weeks ago my wife did a propane exchange and came back with a tank I had previously never seen or even heard of, called A-Flame Propane Exchange with Pro-Gas from Chevron.

It's supposed to burn bluer and greener, meaning better for the environment.

I put it to the test and whereas I always had small yellow tips on the flame, this gas doesn't. It burns completely blue and I noticed a drop in preheat times for the Saputo by a few minutes as well.

So far I really like it. However, it's also a couple of bucks more than a Blue Rhino tank. But for right now, it's only available in Northern California.
Neapolitan Style / Re: Pizza on Gabriola
« Last post by Icelandr on Yesterday at 10:42:45 AM »
A few for a friend.

Another chance to learn a bit more about oven and dough. Odd after years of concern that the oven cools off between bakes as we sit at the table enjoying the pizza, I forget that with gas the oven does not cool down unless I turn it down. A new technique is required, turning it down just after a bake and back up as you open the dough. Can’t say it is ingrained in me yet, the bricks get a tad hot after a couple of bakes.

I dislike browning on the Costco fresh mozzarella and the blackening of the cornichone, both I have to work at.

64% hydration, Primo Molino flour, 6% SD, 23 hours before first bake, “about” 400° C

General Pizza Making / Re: Best Frozen Pizza in America?
« Last post by RogerC on Yesterday at 08:06:17 AM »
Man frozen pizza is so subjective, what I like you may not.  To make the best frozen pizza in America is lofty goal, but a worthwhile one.  Also I don't think just one style will appeal to everyone.  With the previous statements in mind if it where me the best frozen pizza would be a few different styles (thin, thick, Chicago, and the holy grail of Detroit) to appeal to a larger audience.

To me the worst thing on frozen pizzas are the veggies, they look like like peppers and onions but are totally devoid of taste and texture.

Take best frozen you personally have ate and ask yourself what specifically you didn't like about it...that may show you your direction.  Myself I never eat frozens with veggies because of the above reason.  On the same hand I know what I'm getting quality and taste wise with a frozen and I am far from a pizza snob so i generally enjoy them.  With frozen I know I am sacrificing quality and superior taste for convenience, I can be just as happy with a Totinos party Party Pizza or a Jacks, or a Tombstone.

But a superior frozen pizza competitively priced would be nice to see.

Shop Talk / Marsal MB60 Pizza Oven
« Last post by Bagosav on Yesterday at 07:09:02 AM »
Hello everyone! I am new to the forums. I have a question about the Marsal MB60 pizza oven that I hope someone might be able to answer.

I am looking to open up a NY style pizzeria. I think I am set on going with a Marsal MB60 stacked for my oven. From what I have researched and others have said on this and other forms, they seem to one of the best out there. Is Marsal still one of the best oven to buy?

Also, I read that the Fibrament stones Marsal uses are very delicate. Has anyone had any issues with the Fibrament stones, or are they good stones? Someone also said that if you didn't want the Fibrament stones you could ask Marsal to give you fire brick instead and they would. Does anyone know if they will still do this? And for anyone who may have used both or knows, would you say fire brick or Fibrament is better? Which do you prefer?

Thank you.
Neapolitan Style / Re: Wood dough tray
« Last post by bifi85 on Yesterday at 03:59:29 AM »
@TXCraig1: Is it possible that your wetting and flouring over time created a floury layer (like an old pasta board)?

I tried all different combinations, but the dough ball was always under 12h on the board.
I am going to try 24h on the plain board with 64% hydration dough.
General Pizza Making / Crispy, Tender & Light Wood Fired Pie
« Last post by PizzaManic on Yesterday at 03:22:02 AM »
Hey Everyone
Been a while since I've been here - every now & then I get bitten by the PizzaMaking Bug  ;D

This past weekend, I uncovered the big o'l Stainless Steel WFO & made up some NY Style Pies and some of those NY's baked in under 2 minutes so you can call then Neopolitan Hybrids. As always, everything turned out awesome except that the center of the pie ends up like a soupy mess. I am a bit heavy on toppings and I'm making 260g 12" pies so the center might be a little on a thin side.

I want to venture into a bit more crispy, tender & light pie in the WFO - any suggestions and formulas/method?

Take Care
Home Ovens / Re: New oven after Roccbox
« Last post by berniespizza on Yesterday at 02:22:51 AM »
thank you - really interesting to read and good points. I dont think I ever have 2 months without pizza. maybe not even 2 weeks  ;D I own some Kamado BBQs and they are outside the whole year. They catch humidity too. Should be basically the same issue and I had it from time to time to get them dry again by slowly heating them up.

Regarding the Ardore: its a tank basically, very well made for its size. i can bake larger pizzas but the effort required by the side burner, which is really strong, is then higher that the crust doesn't catch fire  :) that's why i find the construction of the Ciro Mini is interesting. But as you mentioned the Ardore doesnt need this much care.

Will defo have some more looks at the Ciro Mini. Price is good too compared to others.
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