• #281 by ChristianVerschaeren on 29 Apr 2014
  • Cheers!
    I have another question, why did you go with 8 mm of  terracotta? Is it because you didn't want to raise the floor too much? Do you feel 8 mm  is enough to act as a heat sink?


  • #282 by fagilia on 24 Sep 2014
  • sorry for the late answere.
    I did not want to raise the floor too much.
    8mm for me turned out to be perfect. The floor is as good as other real neapolitan ovens i have tried.
    I can now easily Control the heat of the floor with the amount of coals.
  • #283 by ChristianVerschaeren on 29 Sep 2014
  • Thanks. I ended up going with pizza stones out of a gas oven.
  • #284 by MotoMannequin on 09 Mar 2016
  • Just a look from the oven door.
    I will let it rust to get that nice finish.

    Hi fagilia,

    I'm curious how happy you are now with the "natural" finish on the arch?

  • #285 by JConk007 on 13 May 2020
  • Still looking for Saputo / Biscotto floor for my Maximus  also
    I tried Italy even pre corona and they would not sell it to me
    Any thoughts are appreciated