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Dough Clinic / Re: Poolish vs Cold Fermentation
« Last post by NCRealEstateGuy on Today at 11:54:44 AM »
Thank you.
Balling a dough that has fermented quite some ways is a challenge. Itís doable, but I also prefer to ball after around 10-20% increase during bulk. For my 24 hours doughs, that is typically around 12 hours after mix. If anything, Iíll rather ball it earlier than later. How much difference it makes in the end I donít know.
New York Style / Re: 7 minute New York bake
« Last post by billg on Today at 11:36:53 AM »
American Style / Re: Round Table Pizza dough recipe - Part One
« Last post by MrP on Today at 11:36:24 AM »
Is there a place where the most current RT sauce and dough recipe can be found?  I will keep looking in the mean time.  Thank you!
Shop Talk / Re: Logo
« Last post by apizza on Today at 11:28:33 AM »
#2 for me
Dough Ingredients / Re: Oil within dough
« Last post by RHawthorne on Today at 11:24:05 AM »
lard does great things in neapolitan dough. wont be making any neapolitan pizza without it again.

I am using duck or goose fat.
That's very interesting. Somebody else posted a pie a few weeks back that was Neapolitan-ish (not sure if they were actually going full-on in that direction) and some lard in it, but theirs looked to me like it had some issues; like maybe they were using a little too much of it. What do you think it does for your crust, and how much do you use?
Shop Talk / Re: Has inflation affected your traffic?
« Last post by woodfiredandrew on Today at 11:16:07 AM »
Dine in has been slow for past month or so. yes slight uptick in delivery.
I think all the operators are going to be forced to reevaluate their product/quality/pricing ect.  since consumers are tighting their belt, Bad operators will get pushed out. 
Shop Talk / Re: Don't buy a Free/Cheap POS
« Last post by halo10v2 on Today at 11:12:42 AM »
I gather that you're with Speedline? What kind of rates are you seeing for CC processing? We aren't seeing much lower that 2.5-2.8%.
Shop Talk / Re: Logo
« Last post by 9slicePie on Today at 11:09:51 AM »
we are working on a Street Food business

If that's the case, then the logo with the pizza slice doesn't seem that bad.  When people are walking out in the streets, I feel that seeing a pizza slice will "lure" them in more (psychologically/subconsciously). 

Seeing a drawing of pizza while outside = happy feeling = may motivate potential customers to come to you.

So, the pizza-slice logo might be better for a street business.  (I initially assumed you were going for a high-end, artisanal look/shop).  Just maybe get a "better" pizza drawing?  The black color of the pizza slice seems faded when compared to the rest of the black font colors.

(The above is coming from someone with no actual business experience; just tried to think it out from this perspective).
Shop Talk / Re: Logo
« Last post by TXCraig1 on Today at 10:58:44 AM »
I'm curious if you will actually toss the pizza? If not, the hand tossing pizza on the logo could prove to be a negative. It would be a shame if people whined on social media about a lack of tossing rather than praising great pizza. Give people an excuse, and they will complain.
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