• #1 by Minolta Rokkor on 06 Feb 2020
  • So far this is the only pizza shop I actually respect. They have an odd ball Montague oven, expected a bakers pride or blodgett. I saw the way he was stretching the dough and it reminded me of how I do it home, the dough was delicate and soft.

    Let's break it down.

    The dough/crust, well honestly it's as good as it gets, the way that Montague deck oven bakes that pizza is insane. The crust was crunchy, airy, with that eggshell exterior, the absolute pinnacle! (On a side note, I want that oven)

    Also the dough was actually stretched evenly and consistently throughout, it's the thinnest Virginia pizza I have come across.

    This shop makes their sausage in house, I was blown away by how great it tastes, tastes far better than any supermarket sausage.
    The cheese was good, nice and buttery but the melt could have been better.

    The weak point was the sauce, wasn't enough and what was there had no flavor honesty.

    Overall I would rate their cheese pizza a 8/10, their sausage pizza a 8.7/10.

    If this shop upped their sauce and cheese, they'd be so good they'd out do me quite frankly.

    Factoring their great prices, I'd rate the shop an overall score of 9/10.