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Title: Detroit Style
Post by: mdiberardino on January 06, 2020, 08:25:36 PM
Hi All,

Had my first attempt at a Detroit style last night and while the overall end product was decent, it's clear I have some adjustments to make.  But my most pressing question is: how does one remove the pie from the pan without destroying that most pristine yet delicate frico?  I started scraping down the sides of the pan with a thin spatula oh so gently but chipped away at those cheese crisps in the process.  They just look so nice I was disappointed to ruin them in the transfer process.

Also, has anyone tried par-baking the dough before adding all that cheese and sauce?  I'm wondering if a nice little 10 minute steam bake (covering the pan, trapping the steam while it begins the bake) might provide some great oven spring before adding the weight of the toppings--similar to the way one would do some Dutch Oven sourdough baking.  Has anyone tried this method?  Either for Detroit or more straightforward Sicilian/square slices? 

Thanks again!
Title: Re: Detroit Style
Post by: HansB on January 06, 2020, 09:00:11 PM
Detroit Style is not typically par baked. I use the spatula in the first photo here to get the pizza out without harming the cheese/crust:
Title: Re: Detroit Style
Post by: Monkeyboy on January 25, 2021, 11:10:47 AM
I find that clearing the sides with a nylon spatula as soon as you pull it from the oven works best.
Then let it cool.  Re-clear the edges and remove from pan.
If your toppings are too soupy due to the sauce, would suggest straining your tomatoes in a mesh strainer for about 15 minutes prior to blending them.  This will get rid of excess moisture.

Good Luck!  Detroit pizza is awesome