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NY Style in my New (OLD) Oven
« on: April 05, 2020, 07:14:40 AM »
Hey Pizza Friends
Been a long time since posting but I haven't stopped following this Forum or lost passion for Pizzas.

I barely have time to make Pizza's but it's LockDown so PizzaMaking is on the cards again.

I've had this oven I procured some years ago and it just went into storage - it's a double deck single pizza on each deck only but the one deck is missing an element and the computer board is quite sophisticated hence I intended to replace the computer board with  PID Controllers - well that never happened. Never the less, I thought let's take a crack at making an NY Style Pie in this oven with the working Deck - by the way, the oven goes up to 400c.

My dough is 2nd day in the fridge and will hopefully bake up in a few hours - just thought I'd keep my progress updated here - will post a pic of the dough fermenting shortly.

Take Care
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Regards Mo

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Re: NY Style in my New (OLD) Oven
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2020, 04:36:34 PM »
Just a little info about my dough

I didn't have Bread Flour so I used Cake Flour with 9% Protein and I pushed the protein up to 12.5% with VWG.

My Formula was water=63%, salt=2.4%, Veg Oil=2%, IDY=.4%

Dough was kneaded for around 8 minutes in my mixer and then I did 2 Stretch and Folds. Dough was a little sticky and kept getting on my hands when I handled it but I managed to knead it into a neat ball and put it in the fridge for 24 hours. It was then balled, 3 in total and then left for another 24 hours before I baked - 48 hour total fermentation time (Pic 1 & 2)

I preheated my oven (pic 3) and then tragedy struck - the oven shut off when it reached 690f and refused to come back on - I don't know what happened but plan B came into effect - I preheated my home oven to 540F with a stone right at the bottom shelf and my steel plate right at the top.

I stretched out my first pizza pretty easily, topped it and baked it for just under 8 minutes. Did't get any pics of it - family was too hungry by now  :P . Pizza turned out OK - hardly any top color since I omited sugar thinking I will bake at a higher temperature.

2nd Pie was stretched, topped and baked at 550f. Baked this little less than the first - total of 6.5 minutes. Came out similar to pie 1 with poor color at the top but underneath seemed perfect - pie was moved from the stone to the steel with broiler on for the last minute of the bake (pic 4, 5 and 6)

3rd pie was stretched, topped and baked at 565f. This was one baked for 6 minutes in total with no time on the steel (pic 7)

I found the following similarities in all 3 pies.

1. Extremely Poor top coloration
2. Under crust was just right in my opinion
3. The crust was a bit tough to the tooth and cutting with a knife was a little challenging
4. The crumb structure too was a little tough to chew but not completely unpleasant - we still enjoyed them
5. I noticed something unusual - the cheese which was placed leaving a good part of the cornicone ended up filling up the entire pie and even leaked on the stone - I would have expected once the cornicone puffed up, it would keep the cheese in place but that wasn't the case - what would cause that?
5. Overall, I felt it lacked characteristic of an NY Style pie.

I've been trying to make a good NY Style Pie for a loooong time but they always turn out tough and not tender. The chew on all my NY Style Attempts have always bordered leathery and the longer it sits, the worst it becomes.

I think for my next attempt, I would rather aim for a really floppy pie with a tender enjoyable chewy crumb and I don't mind forsaking the crisp factor of the crust to achieve this.

Any comments and suggestion always welcome.

Have a good evening folks
Regards Mo