Author Topic: Pizza Hut Thick and Chewy... 1970s style  (Read 1552 times)

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Pizza Hut Thick and Chewy... 1970s style
« on: September 04, 2021, 02:12:35 PM »
Hi. Pizza nut here. I worked at Pizza Hut in the late seventies before moving to Florida from eastern Pennsylvania. Don't know if regional recipes were different... but I was somewhat surprised at the Thick and Chewy recipe here. As well as elsewhere. Here's why:

I remember as cooks, we made a very simple basic recipe in two styles. One for Thin and Crispy, and another for Thick and Chewy. They were so simple, it was easy to duplicate at home with the crudest of setups... electric ovens and broiler pans, etc. We mixed those damn recipes everyday fresh as said, and watched them get mixed up until throwing the cheese and sauce on them. We used ladle spoons for sauce and different sized cups for cheese measurements. During rush hours... Friday from 3PM till 10 at night, we would not bother with the cup measures... too time consuming. You and a partner just made pizzas as fast as your hands could fly. We put our bare hands into the cheese and threw it onto the sauced pizzas. Yes, we were very clean and washed our hands first if we touched ANYTHING else.

The difference I notice in ALL recipes I see... there were four spices in the sauce. And that's it. And the thick and chewy had no oil in it... that was just for the thin and crispy dough. The part skim mozzarella cheese came pregrated. The sauce was made starting with simple tomato puree in giant cans. Then we added the salt and pepper, oregano and garlic. That was it. No marjoram or thyme, etc etc.

I see on other pizza hut websites for their recipe of pizza... the same mistakes. All kind of exotic additional spices... that were not in the mix. Four. Just four spices. I looked it up today, because I am older... and was wondering about the four spices myself... I used to know that stuff cold. What is pizza, without garlic and oregano? Just tomato bread.

I don't know WHAT they are putting on pizzas today for cheese, but it AIN'T what we used to use. The cheese in today's pizza in mom and pop shops... stinks. Our cheese was so thick the strings would stretch for two feet from the pie when you cut a slice and took it toward your plate.

Everybody ought to try real pizza from real recipes from yesterday's pizza shops.

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Re: Pizza Hut Thick and Chewy... 1970s style
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2021, 06:07:50 PM »
I ate at Pizza Hut back in the 70's-80's, don't remember exactly. Went once and never returned. Same can be said for every large scale or franchised operation. None of them make pizza that I found enticing to return to.

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Re: Pizza Hut Thick and Chewy... 1970s style
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2021, 08:28:12 AM »
Interesting post, Piercejeans. Welcome to the forum. I seldom visit the part of the forum but am glad I did this morning.

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Re: Pizza Hut Thick and Chewy... 1970s style
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2022, 03:44:11 PM »
I was thinking about this yesterday. Use to enjoy stopping in Pizza Hut and getting the thick crust that was cooked in the dark pan. Good crispy edges too! Top that off with a pitcher of beer and was pretty good meal.

As pointed out, they do not serve anything like it today. Not a PH fan these days.