• #121 by dmaclaren on 30 Jun 2019
  • Congrats! Its looking better ans better every time. Do you have a final recipe or you still tweaking the aa/ yeast?

    going to do another one tomorrow Monday another go to see if it's on par with the last one.
  • #122 by EricV on 02 Jul 2019
  • Looking forward hearing your progression on achieving a recipe as close as possible to SLAB. I've only been to Slab once and still crave that slice.  I tried the last recipe you posted with the AA added.  It was nice but lacked the buttery pillowy goodness of slab.  I have a 2 oven wolf and can only get close to 500, probably more like 475.  Not sure if that is my issue or not.  Looking forward to see how your latest version comes out.  Eric
  • #123 by DanAyo on 05 Jul 2019
  • Don, in reply #26 the poster (ebpizza) makes an interesting point. He waits to add the cheese later in the bake. It seems omitting the heavy toppings initially would allow greater oven spring. Then after the sauce covered crust sets a bite and is stronger, the other toppings could be added.

    What do you think?

    OH! I didnít get around to trying the SLAB for the Fourth of July. Too many other pizzas to deal with that day. But my turn is soon to come...
  • #124 by dmaclaren on 07 Jul 2019
  • Looking forward hearing your progression on achieving a recipe as close as possible to SLAB. I've only been to Slab once and still crave that slice.  I tried the last recipe you posted with the AA added.  It was nice but lacked the buttery pillowy goodness of slab.  I have a 2 oven wolf and can only get close to 500, probably more like 475.  Not sure if that is my issue or not.  Looking forward to see how your latest version comes out.  Eric

    My last one was almost right on with slab, the higher heat is very key.  Even 500 is reducing the result.  Better with 550 - 600 stone in the 500 oven (grill heated) and 550 - 575 on the grill full cook then lifting lid near end if too much browning was the best. 

    With that low heat, maybe reduce 5% hydration.  Are you using a stone?  can you get it hotter with broil then when cooking go to bake. 

    As mentioned, maybe try parbake first.   I just don't like parbaking dough, but if you have to.
  • #125 by EricV on 08 Jul 2019
  • Don -  I did a full 11x17 tray on a stone in the grill and I got really close to perfection.  Unfortunately I had a hard time gauging temperature as a storm came through and I had to grill in the rain.  While the temp Guage on my webber grill read 475, I am sure the temperature was probably more like 650.  I could only bake for 10 mins as the crust started to burn on the bottom of the edges --  both cause of the high heat and my stone is round and didn't protect the edges and corners.  Despite this I got beautiful peaks and valleys and a near similar crust to Slab other than the burnt areas.  I'll try again in better weather and work on getting the sauce and cheese perfected.  I want to use 50/50 fresh grated high quality mozzarella and provolone.  For the sauce San marzano I will cook for a few minutes in a pan with some salt, sugar, garlic and basil.   I was amazed at how close I got and think perfection on this is in the future.  I also think I may be able to use the oven if I use broil and a large stone to get the oven as hot as possible before putting the pizza tray in and then switching it to bake.  Eric
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  • More video of Slab dough and pizza

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  • Don, is this dough only a 3 hour rise? If so, does it have much flavor? Looks gorgeous!
  • #128 by dmaclaren on 07 Aug 2019
  • I just saw that Pizza episode last night. 

    yes, 3 hr rise, yes good yeast flavor, works well.

    I was up there this weekend and saw that they let it rise in the bowl for a long time.  So with 5 10 minute rise, as mentioned in the link, that's really bulk in bowl for 2:10 then start the punch and rises.

    I will try again and see how that works out.

  • #129 by PieMonster on 16 Aug 2019
  • Hi Don,
    With regards to an older post regarding Micucci's sauce.  Have you seen the video tour of their sauce bottler?    They show a different sauce being made but I gleaned that any bottled sauce would need to be heated and that since 7/11 ground tomatoes are used to make this sauce...there's a good chance they're using them in their Marinara sauce too.

    Back to your dough recipe, if Micucci's doesn't use Ascorbic Acid, could they possibly be using Diastic Malt? I came across the term last week reading a thread praising the Pizza Bible.  Wasn't familiar with the stuff.  And according to Bakerpedia (
    "Diastatic malt powder contains active amylase that is part of the sprouting process. There are two forms of amylase; alpha and beta. Both of which turn starches into sugars, creating food for the yeast. ...Not only does diastatic malt act as a sweetener, it also improves loaf volume, texture, and overall flavor."   My thoughts were that the sugar production would assist in a stronger rise just before baking.  Just thought I'd bring this to your attention since no one else has mentioned it yet.

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  • I finally made it to SLAB, the actual place Steven Lansalatta (sp?) is at now. 

    I found their diagram of steps they take after their bulk rise and I talked to him a little on his process, I didn't get it all but some more information.   So I will update this information soon and post the picture of the process it goes through.  It looks like I will need to reduce the amount of yeast I use as well. 

    His rise was super outstanding!  way more than I am getting and the softness was  2x as mine.   Need to adjust and try again  But, I have to stop the Mixer or food processor for the softness and rise as he was explaning the few times he comes back to the dough and works it by hand.  he does wait like 20 minutes in between mixing.
  • #131 by dmaclaren on 17 Oct 2019
  • Spoke with the guy.


    He makes 18lbs at a time

    He said he does not use a lot of yeast

    He said he mixes it a little then rest 30 minutes and does this a few times.

    Then you can see the process after  I think three mixes and there is the process on the image.


    I may eliminate the oil in the usage and try again.

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  • Put Apizza Scholls on your list too!

    Hans, I wish Brian was over here!   This is the other Portland :)
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  • Yeah, it would be easier to get to! I should have read the topic title!  :-D
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  • I am trying one today.  I was thinking maybe my previous ones were lacking enough dough so I went with a bigger dough ball like Moose did.

    I am doing the following process.
    I may be over doing it on the 4 scoop/folds and maybe next time, if I don't like the turn out, do 3 with 1 hr rest after it

    Today's process:

    - Mix all and just incorporate

    - 30 scoop/fold
    - 30 min rest   - 30 minutes - .5hr

    - 30 scoop/fold
    - 30 min rest   - 60 minutes - 1hr

    - 30 scoop/fold
    - 30 min rest   - 90 minutes - 1.5hr

    - 30 scoop/fold
    - 30 min rest   - 90 minutes - 2hr

    - Do process - 45 min - 2.75hr
       - remove from bowl / rest 5 min - 5min
       - Round / rest 10 min - 15min
       - Pillow (long oval rect) rest 10 min - 25min
       - Flip / Dimple / rest 10 min - 35min
       - Flip / Dimple / rest 10 min - 45min
    -  put in pan / rest 15min - 3hr

    - Cook 15 min 550 - Turn 1/2 way to even cook
  • #135 by dmaclaren on 18 Oct 2019
  • Not even going to cook it, no where the structure I was looking for or close to the last one I did that I thought was great.

    This one does not have the amount of the pillow and ability to hold up on the flips like my last or the ones they have there 
  • #136 by DanAyo on 18 Oct 2019
  • Don, if you can post video snippets Of handling the dough, etc. (maybe on YouTube), some of us might be able to make suggestions.

    Do you still find the AA method works best or have you started to do things different?

    Just a thought.
  • #137 by dmaclaren on 21 Oct 2019
  • I will do another one this week and post. 

    I just can't get the high hydration as  poofy airy dough that doesn't collapse when handles
  • #138 by DanAyo on 21 Oct 2019
  • Sounds right, Don. High hydration dough is too fragile and poofy to be handled the way the SLAB requires. I forget how long the dough ferments but given enough time as the dough ferments it will become more slack and poofy.

    How long does the dough BF?
  • #139 by dmaclaren on 22 Oct 2019
  • So I called the other place, the deli and was asking for some specifics.  Well, I got the person to start to give me the recipe.

    1 CUP IY (SAF Red Instant Yeast)
    18 lbs KABF
    3 lbs Semolina (new addition)

    Time to bring it down to a useable recipe.  I was not going to push to get the water salt and if Oil and sugar)

    now, lets chat what Semolina brings?

    Okay, I just called SLAB and asked them more information.

    I thought when I went it looked more yellowish and rise was more than the other place. 

    From them, they do 18lb batches. and the guy was talking about the yeast is a lot and smells like alcohol when you open the oven.

    so they said:
    18lb batch
    7lb KABF
    3lb Semolina
    3.2oz SAF red yeast
    8lb water

    I didn't ask salt, sugar, oil
    - Yeast, they are at 3.2% yeast where I had great results with straight 4% and 3% with 500mg Ascorbic acid.
    - Water  They are at the 80% liek you mentioned.
    - Big change though is the semolina addition.

    Now it comes to process in layering te build up like the guy mentioned to me.  And all hand done

  • #140 by DanAyo on 22 Oct 2019
  • Don, 1 cup of yeast sounds crazy! Do you think they are messing with you?

    Also SAF RED is used for dough with high sugar content.

    What do you think?