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  • Yeah, I think most of the organic flour is unmalted

    Maybe It's just me having bad luck, but at 4 different stores I saw 6 different organic flours, and all were malted. This Target one was the 1st that didn't mention it. I'm assuming if it doesn't say so on the label it can't be malted. But that's just me assuming because I don't know much here.

    I do know this is the 1st flour out of about 20 I've found in a 5-mile radius of my house that doesn't list malted or enzymes on the label.
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  • Some time ago, I tried to aggregate all the places that I believed to sell organic flours, both mailed and unmalted. The unmalted ones can be seen at the bottom half of the post at Reply 4 at:

    I know that several of the places sell at retail but there may be places that do not.


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  • That's what in thinking AP winds up costing more than many 00 flours...

    Edit...ah okay, that makes a difference
    Your post pointed out to me I was totally unclear.    :(
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  • Hey, with prices today, you never know :-D
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  • Hey, with prices today, you never know :-D

    I'm sure somewhere there's some fancy worded organic pizza flour that's $5 a lb that hipsters will line up to buy.  I bought a helmet for my electric scooter, one of their selling points is the "vegan leather chin strap"  vegan leather? OH, they mean imitation leather.  But vegan leather sounds like a luxury item and not the Pleather it is, so they can up the price.
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  • If you have a shamrock or dawn food supply around they carry a lot of different flours malted/unmalted organic or not. You can get an account pretty easily at Dawn ( not needed with Shamrock) and they sell
    you whatever you need.
    I paid about $26.50 for a 50lbs of organic unmalted AP from
    baystate milling at Dawn, a local non organic 00 flour from the same producer was somewhere around $32-35 at Shamrock I believe (could not get it through Dawn)
    The shelf life of a AP or 00 is pretty long so you have some time to go through it.
    If one can get good organic flour and if itís ok priced I donít see a reason not to get it, less
    Glyphosate might be good for you at the end of the day. And you might get a hipster sticker for free.
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  • Has anyone used this? I just bought a 3lb bag of the 00 at Safeway. $7.99
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  • Has anyone used this? I just bought a 3lb bag of the 00 at Safeway. $7.99

    I used it last week, not sure what I did wrong but my crust didn't poof up much at all. And it was really dense.  I used the Ooni app to get the amounts and weighed everything out like I normally do. The only thing I did differently was I left it in the fridge an extra day (4 instead of 3)  Was also the 1st time I used the Roccbox I bought. The pizzas came out pretty tasty though. Price absolutely sucks, it would have to make magical otherworldly pizzas to be worth it. And now that I learned in this thread that unmalted AP will give me 00 like results I'm good until I find a place to get a 55# of Caputo for like $45.

    I have half a bag left, was going to try a 2nd batch, but we have a bug problem here and when I opened the bag I noticed flour bugs or whatever the hell they are in it :(  I might go get 1 more bag though because I am curious how a 2nd batch would come out with a little tweeking.
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  • You could try to sieve out the insects and then freeze the flour for a week or two.  This will get rid of most of the critters and freezing it will kill off any eventual eggs so that no new insects will hatch.