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  • Well I kind of linked 2 and 2 together to get the digestion thing :)

    In the past I have heard Tony mention that having a cold fermented dough makes it easier to digest because the yeast breaks down the simple sugars of the flour. He says the yeast does the work for you. He recommends at least a 24hr CF but a 2 day is better and a 3 day is excellent. I can rummage through YouTube to find that but I'm pretty sure he mentioned in in one of his seminars he had listed on YouTube.

    Now go to post 21 in this thread from Norma and you will find this: "As for Malt the one I recommend is Low Diastatic Malt from Central Milling. The best around. With it being Diastatic it will help the breakdown of complex sugars as well as assisting in browning, a vehicle for yeast and simple sugar."

    I guess it really doesn't state it has to be low Diatstic malt, that was just the kind he recommended. Later on it just says DM will help breakdown complex sugars. Which takes me back to the above statement about helping the yeast break down the sugars in the flour to make it easier to digest.

    Ok I found it. Go to 32:20 and listen for a few minutes to Tony talking about Digestibility.

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  • icemanxp300,

    What Tony says in the video about digestibility is essentially what Marco (pizzanapoletana) discussed in the post I cited. Marco further expanded on the matter of digestibility toward the end of the post at Reply 24 at:

    As for the LDM that Tony G recommends, and as noted by Norma in Reply 21, Central Milling sells the 20 degrees Lintner product, as noted at:

    It would be possible to use a regular DMP malt with a degrees Lintner of around 200, but one would have to use just enough to be equivalent to 20 degrees Lintner if one wants to use the recipes in Tony's book. Most people using Tony's book are unlikely to know how to do this. As a side note, when Mike (Boy Hits Car) and I created the expanded dough calculating tool at, the only diastatic malt that we were aware of at the time was the very high degrees Lintner product in the SELFNutritionData database. Even today, the only diastatic malt product in that database is the one we used. There are no LDMP products in the database.

    In the video you cited, I did not hear a connection between using LDMP and digestibility. There may well be such a connection but I don't know whether using the amounts called for in Tony's recipes would have that effect or the extent of that effect.