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Title: Recommendation on ingredients for a Canadian in GTA
Post by: fishyguy on March 07, 2021, 04:14:43 PM
Was looking for advice/recommendations on ingredients for pizza here in Canada. Live in Mississauga, Ontario. Trying to make NY style pizza.

Cheese:I used Tre Stelle deluxe a few times but found it quite bland. Last time I used Armstrong had decent flavor (albeit with a weird after taste). I'm planning on trying Cracker Barrel mozzarella for my next one. These 2 brands seem to have the highest MF 28% and lowest moisture levels 42%. The Walmart and no name brands also have same MF and moisture levels  but maybe they're lower quality? Was wondering what other Canadians think about the local mozzarella brands and what recommendations you guys have.

Sauce: I found Pastene chunky California ground tomatoes at highland farms and i'm mixing 3/4 part of this with 1/4 part Emma tomato paste so far (saw this type of ratio used by Tony Gemignani),

Flour: so far been using Robin Hood bread flour (3 day cold ferment) using recipe from John Arena. Gonna try Rogers flour soon, saw someone post that that was really good. Any other recommendations?

Pepperoni: So far using Hormel from Walmart but find them to be too thinly sliced for my liking. Saw a few other brands called Roma/ Ziggys and Pillers. Pillers seems to be a mix of beef and pork while others mostly pork and chicken. Trying Pillers next time. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated

Title: Re: Recommendation on ingredients for a Canadian in GTA
Post by: Fastfocus on March 21, 2021, 01:01:41 PM
Hey Welcome to the Group! I'm from Toronto and just learning also.
I can answer a couple of your questions. After much experimenting, get away from supermarket flour, it won't give you a good pizza dough. If you have a Whole Foods near by, go and get some of Anitas Organic All Purpose Bread Flour. It is the best for NY Style Pizza dough. If you want you can also order on, which is where I get it. Also Costco is a great resource, they have Grande Mozzarella, not the same as the U.S. but very good for the price, also I like the Mozzarella sold at Farmboy, but it's pricy. Also Costco has the San Marzano tomatoes, they're very good if you'r following Tony's recipes.
As for Pepperoni, I prefer Spicy Calabrese, hope that helps a little bit. There is also an amazing FB group called Artisan Pizza (
Hope this helps a bit.
Title: Re: Recommendation on ingredients for a Canadian in GTA
Post by: Rolls on March 23, 2021, 07:23:12 PM
The low moisture prepackaged mozzarellas all tend to be somewhat bland IMO, so I'm always looking for something with good melting qualities more so than flavour.  I actually find the Tre Stelle brand to be quite good for pizza but I also use Silani and Santa Lucia, as well as Grande.  To boost flavour, try adding a sprinkle of Reggiano, Padano or Pecorino.  I wouldn't fool around with imitation cheeses but would get the imported stuff from Italy.  You should also try some fresh mozzarrella from one of the Italian delis or cheese producers.  In Mississauga, you might find some supplies at Aurora Meat and Cheese (3661 Dixie Rd) or Commisso Meat  (1004 Burnhamthorpe Rd E) but you'll find greater selection if you go to Vaughan.

I've tried all sorts of flours at all sorts of price points, but I find regular supermarket flour to be more than adequate.  You'll probably find various Italian flours at Highland Farms but I wouldn't bother if you're only making NY style pizza.  Remember that most all-purpose flours in Canada have a high protein content and are perfectly suitable for making bread and pizza.  I normally use Five Roses.  Costco sells an excellent AP flour called Master's Hand.  Great price too.

Of the supermarket pepperoni brands, I like the Venetian brand out of Hamilton, which is widely distributed in the area.  Just give them a call to find a specific store close to you.  Ezzo pepperoni is being brought into the province.  Try calling Jesse Tree Fine Foods in Bolton (905) 951-2124.  Otherwise, try experimenting with some artisanal pepperoni from your local butcher shops.  I used to buy at the St. Lawrence market but that might be out of your way.

Title: Re: Recommendation on ingredients for a Canadian in GTA
Post by: wotavidone on March 26, 2021, 06:33:11 PM
There is also an amazing FB group called Artisan Pizza (
Hope this helps a bit.
She doesn't know yet, but my wife just applied to join this group.  :angel:
I'm sure she won't mind.
Thanks for the link.