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  • Novice to pizza making here...I'm a decent cook (so friends and family say), decent baker amd excellent pizza EATER. Meaning I really could eat pizza every day. But I've always been on the shy side of making my own (the science behind the percentages and whatnot always confuse me since math is not my strong suit).  But I really really want to figure this out because, well, I know I can. I was introduced to Jets pizza a couple of years ago and I recently decided to try it on my own. I purchased a 10x14 Lloyd pan and have tried Serious Eats version of detroit pizza. I do not want my sauce on top. I have an oven here at home that was probably here before I was born (I'll be 40 this summer).  It can get up to about 525 without hitting broil and its electric. No baking stone or anything. My goal is that awesome thick, chewy and fluffy dough. No thin crust please. Chewier and fluffier the better haha. Can anyone guide me to a recipe or recipes to start with? Techniques? Should I keep working with the serious eats version?  When I did make it a few times it was decent, not quite thick enough and it was kind of doughy on top (the pan did an amazing job of making the bottom crisp and golden though!)  Would this be oven spring I'm trying to achieve?  Thank you so much!
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  • Welcome to the forum. Check out member Hansís thread. I think his kost recent formula change is at post # 115 but you should look through the entire thing if you want to make great DS pizza.
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  • About the percentage it's actually very easy: flour is 100%, and all the other ingredients' amount are according to the flour. Of course you'll have to weigh everything in grams (if it's not already a habit, it'll come quick):
    Flour 100% -> 1000g, that could be: wholewheat flour 12% (120g) and Italian 00 flour 88% (880g)
    Water (hydration) 60% -> 600g
    Salt 2% -> 20g
    IDY 0.3% -> 3g
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  • Here is an explanation of working with bakerís percentages I have gotten some good feedback on. Hope it helps, beaky1980.
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  • Not sure if this is the style of pizza you want to cook, but I have been greatly inspired by this:
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  • Not sure if this is the style of pizza you want to cook, but I have been greatly inspired by this:

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  • Here's another one to try. Fits the thick and fluffy.