• #1 by JETNC on 23 Nov 2022
  • Hi all,

    I just joined the forum today, been lurking for a few weeks now. First and foremost, I love the Pizza! Had to get that out

    I started baking bread during covid and really enjoyed working with the dough and producing a good loaf. One day last year I was happily munching out on a sandwich when I realized I would rather have had a nice slice of pizza. As I looked at the bread in my sandwich I thought, "hell I made this, why can't I make some pizza dough?", and then it started.

    I looked up a recipe and got to work. I had all the ingredients and made a decent pie that night. Trying to get a better flavor I started reading about fermenting. Realizing it was similar to the no knead bread I was making I tried it and got better pizza! Still, I wanted to kick it up a notch, I had read of using a poolish and figured I would try it.

    This is what I got. A not so bad (I think), Neapolitan style pizza.

    Cooked in my kitchen oven @550 with a stone. 50/50 King Arthur bread flour and Caputo 00. Let the poolish sit for 24 hours at RT, mixed up the dough, another rest at RT for an hour and then stuck it in the fridge for 24 hours. RT rest for an hour, shaped the balls and then let it rise for 2 hours. My recipe makes 2 balls so I usually freeze one and bake one. I'm excited to try different recipes now since I finally have a tasty crust to work with. I wish I had tried the poolish sooner!

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  • Well, for a first attempt it looks pretty much allright I guess, hope the taste was up to it as well :)

    Welcome and congrats on your first!
  • #3 by JETNC on 23 Nov 2022
  • The taste was pretty good! The dough had a nice flavor, crunchy and soft. I was hungry and forgot to take a picture of the

    I realize that pepperoni is not standard for a Neapolitan, but that day I had peppers, mushrooms and a little pepperoni that I had to use up.
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  • Looks tasty :D
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  • Welcome!

    Looks good! Put whatever you want on your pies. No rules here. I must however say that I question if itís a neapolitan. With a crunchy crust baked at 550F, itís likely not actually neapolitan, which has the characteristic of a soft crust and baked in 90 seconds or less.

    Nothing wrong with the pie you made, but perhaps not neapolitan.