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It's a little tricky but I recall the screws come out and case is pried open with thin screwdriver to get to motor inside...the seller on Amazon does..or did..provide phone support.

Off-Topic Foods / Re: peter lugers steakhouse, williamsburg ny
« Last post by Trinity on Today at 04:52:31 AM »
I would think about one thing that makes it so great is that the steak comes out on a red hot plate sizzling with juices that would make the steak stay hot as you pluck away at it. :drool:
Have a question for Barry or anyone else that knows about rotisserie motors.  Was cleaning up the Blackstone and thinking of selling it, if it still worked.  Did clean up the Blackstone, after finding a mud wasp nest, and having problems with wasps for awhile. Then tried the One Grill 40 motor.  It wouldn't turn on so gave it a some shots of WD-40 where it fits to turn the platter.  Let it sit for a few hours, and still nothing. Tried to take it apart to see what might be wrong, or if rollers might be bad.  Wonder how I can get this apart.  Photos will follow in next post, cause they will be from cell phone.

Neapolitan Style / Re: Biga
« Last post by abelgarcia on Today at 03:33:22 AM »
One of friends made first visit to my oven, and was so impressed,that he made this nice label.
Monthly Challenge / Re: June 2021 Monthly Challenge: Flat Earth Society
« Last post by Yael on Today at 03:13:28 AM »
BTW, here's my "real" contribution  ;D
Pita bread (sourdough + 48H CF) for a Lebanese style dinner.
Off-Topic Foods / Re: Like a sunny day on Montego Bay!
« Last post by Zinc on Today at 02:44:26 AM »
Looks damn good to me :drool:
Off-Topic Foods / Like a sunny day on Montego Bay!
« Last post by GumbaWill on Today at 02:33:43 AM »
Today was a themed bake. Jamaican, Mon!

1. Jamaican Sunshine pies

Meat hand pies were brought to Jamaica by the English. "Pasties". The word evolved into "patty." The hand pie evolved into a decidedly unique Jamaica food.

2. Banana Chiffon Pie

Monthly Challenge / Re: June 2021 Monthly Challenge: Flat Earth Society
« Last post by Yael on Today at 02:25:50 AM »
Thanks - I am not sure I could find buckwheat flour around here.  Would AP flour work as well?

No problem!
AP could work, but I guess the purists would say you'd be making "crepe" instead of "galette". Buckwheat has a special flavor and a dark color which you can't get with wheat flour. Buckwheat would also be more digestible as there's no gluten.
If you go with AP, you can try to use beer in the batter (I'm not very brave on that one so I never made 100% beer, always 50/50 with milk), you'll get some desired bitterness.
I've tried various stones, but prefer a 3/8" steel for my pseudo-Neapolitan which is baked under the broiler. Because it is so close to the top of the oven, I have to use an oven rack which has rollers to easily slide it out for launching and retrieval. A 1/2" steel weighs a whopping 32 lbs and I was afraid my oven rack wouldn't take it. I felt that the 1/4" steel (16 lbs) didn't have enough thermal mass, so I compromised and went with 3/8" at 24 lbs. I'm very happy with it.
Is that a retrofit? If so any details?
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