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Stones/tiles/steel, Pans & Accessories / Re: baking on steel question
« Last post by norma427 on Today at 04:29:53 AM »
Since we sold our pizzeria, I have been working to create my pizzeria recipe in our home electric oven.  Tonight, I was satisfied.  It is 100% to the pizzas I made at our pizzeria.  Judy, and Katherine, my drummer for the past 20 years or so and who has eaten a ton of my pizza, agreed.   I never thought I could do it with home kitchen equipment.

Congratulations Walter!!  Looks awesome!  👌

General Pizza Making / Re: NJ Boardwalk Pizza
« Last post by norma427 on Today at 04:21:27 AM »

This is the man I was referring you to.  Nepal Pizza Reviews and other places on the web.  He reviews pizzerias in the Old Forge area and he helps people to make different styles of pizza.  I can't give you the direct links cause am working on setting up my new computer.  Just have my cell now, so screenshots us all I can provide. 

As for the people that helped me here on the forum to learn about making a boardwalk style, there are many members that helped.  To name a few, it would be Peter, the late Tom Lehman, Craig and so many more.

Sorry to hear about all of the problems with your home.  Blessings in the future.

Four photos of the boardwalk style I made when I had my market stand.

I want to thank all members that taught me a lot how to make pizza on this forum. Who would have ever thought I would have won the Caputo Cup with a boardwalk style pizza with cheddar cheese.  :-D. Sorry I messed up this post now, by trying to modify it.
Chicago Style / Re: Kenji’s Chicago Thin
« Last post by CDNpielover on Today at 03:00:00 AM »
^your bottom two photos look nearly identical to my results.  I was not a fan  :(
Thanks for the classification clarifications  :) 
Shop Talk / Re: One Piece of Advice
« Last post by Swinger-mike on Today at 02:37:51 AM »
I'd phrase what scott said a bit differently. You shouldn't use 60% as a guide but rather at a check. If your prime costs exceed 60%, you should be asking questions - not necessarily changing prices or cutting labor.

Effective pricing is not a function of cost - other than you obviously have to charge enough to cover your costs or you go out of business, but don't take that to mean you can simply set a price that covers your cost and make a profit. Folks go out of business every day simply because their product or service isn't worth the price they have to charge to stay in business.

Effective pricing requires understanding your competitive situation, quantifying the differences between you and your competitors, and setting a price based on those factors that maximizes your profit - and it's not necessarily the highest price you can charge. You might get lucky using rules of thumb when pricing, you you might leave money on the table.

I understand that pricing also depends on quality of the product, competition, customer base and traget.

But my main question was if base cost is interchangeable, if its legitamate to run higher food cost if labor or rent is very cheap to even things out. Because most posts I've read regarding food cost say that you shouldnt run above 20-25% except if you run a very high volume operation where you can go upto 50% if I remember correctly.

Also wondering how much the initial investments comes into play when pricing something, lets say you invested 300k into a pizza shop what should be the yearly roi on that?
Chicago Style / Re: Kenji’s Chicago Thin
« Last post by GoodZaBro on Today at 12:51:23 AM »
I made the dough recipe and did to pizzas.  One with the overnight drying and the other just a 3 day cold ferment (the overnight dry was 2 day CF).

Pizza 1 was regular rolled dough, 3 day CF, 2 hours to room temp, rolled out.  It was okay.  Nothing special but also not bad.

Pizza 2 was overnight cured. It was cracker crispy but also chewy.  Like a well done saltine.  It wasn't great.  Very dry.  I'm a big fan of the pizza at Pizza Chicken Ice cream so I was bummed it didn't come closer to theirs given the refence to their Westont pizza place

General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by Quebert on Today at 12:36:54 AM »
Made 7 pizzas last Saturday, last one I ran out of tomato sauce, so I used olive oil and garlic powder. 16", had no flop and a nice chew.  I hope I can duplicate it when I make pizzas tomorrow.

65% hydration, 72h CF cooked 7 minutes on a Lloyds Hex Disk in a Versa 16.
General Pizza Making / Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
« Last post by matermark on Today at 12:32:26 AM »
Thanks slim, but my transmission took a crap and have no vehicle at the moment, I order everything from Walmart+ and get home delivery for I think its $99/year. I had 2 deliveries in the last 4 days. So I guess I can say that's the delivered price. Are the Stan's the white can with blue trim and a red tomato printed vertically all around the can?

That Classico was the best tasting of any jars or cans. It was $1.62 during the pandemic... 2nd place is Contadina that looks like a Wish Bone salad dressing bottle with a hole in the tip to squirt it on. Like the Mack's Boardwalk pizza Norma's been reverse engineering since probably 2007 or so...

I still have a few cans of the Cento peeled San Marzano's that say CERTIFIED on the front I bet they're probably past the best by date but I paid $2.xx for them from Price Rite who knows when, as well as the 35 ounce cans of their "Italian tomatoes" that came from Italy too. Think we members here discussed these--same as the certified I think.
General Pizza Making / Re: NJ Boardwalk Pizza
« Last post by matermark on Today at 12:09:03 AM »
Norma, the guy that helped isn't the pizza review  guy, is it? You are talking about 2 different people right? I know the guy that does the reviews, not personally. JUST a couple times conversing about some places.  The guy that helped you out is the other guy?

I lost my house there. They had a huge storm that blew down the neighbor's evergreen trees  onto my home and stairs to the front door. I was getting fines from the town and didn't know what for under they sent me a picture! So I hired a place to cut the grass and told the neighbor they are responsible for their trees and when the grass cutter went there to cut the grass. he said the back door was wide open!

Somebody took all the copper wire and the baseboard radiators for the furnace!

I was pissed at my cousin who was supposed to be taking care of it, and my ex gf said I should call him and bury the hatchet already so I tried looking him up on Google and it said HE DIED IN NOVEMBER! So I tried looking up his wife and Google said SHE DIED IN FEBRUARY 2022!

Stones/tiles/steel, Pans & Accessories / Re: Quickly Clean DS & Other Pans
« Last post by foreplease on Yesterday at 11:58:43 PM »
Thanks, Jon. I searched for every combination of scrape and scraper except “cool scraper.”  :-D
Good to have the link and confirmation my memory isn’t entirely gone. Props to Walter for the tip that led me to try this.
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