• #1 by Quebert on 25 Apr 2020
  • I searched on here, but my searching's horrible. Google turned up a bunch of results but they're from sources I don't trust for pizza. About 4pm today I want to whip up some dough so I can make midnight pizzas tonight in my new Koda.  I know same day dough questions has been asked here to death. But I can't find any of them. And I know somebody here has a NY'ish style dough that comes out decent without needing the 24-48 CF period. I have HG flour, sea salt, sugar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & active dry yeast to work with. I don't know the minimum temp in the Koda, but I think it's still pretty hot, like 600'ish degrees. So a dough that won't burn up would be lovely. It's beautiful in Southern Cali tonight so I'm hoping to make a Pepperoni & Jalapeno pie and sit outside like 1 in the morning and munch on some pizza.

    Any help would be amazingly awesome, or even just a link to a thread I *should* have been able to find on my own :( thank you all.
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  • Quebert,

    You might also check out this thread:

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  • Thank you to both of you, I saved that spreadsheet it'll help me tremendously today and in the future. And Pete-zza your emergency Tom NY pizza dough, PERFECT! I might actually be able to pull off a worthy pizza in a pinch today because of you 2.

    You don't know how much I appreciate the help.