• #1 by Pizzaholic on 14 Jul 2004
  • anyone try sourdough pizza recipes yet??
  • #2 by Foccaciaman on 14 Jul 2004
  • Not I ......

    However I love sourdough..... ;D
  • #3 by Pizzaholic on 14 Jul 2004
  • I am at day 3 of PeterRs sourdough formula
    I also have a starter in the fridge that I have used a couple of times, its like cheating in the fermentation department.
    Will let all know how this one turns out.
    Too hot and humid here to do much of anything. Especially cook. We feel like eating out, so far no ordering out for pizzas,.....yet
  • #4 by Wayne on 25 Jul 2004
  • The only sourdough pizza I've ever had was when we had aSchlotzkys (sp) around here.  It was really good and I have loved sourdough ever since.  Maybe I'll see about making my own sometime.
  • #5 by Pizzaholic on 27 Jul 2004
  • Well, I did it!
    Last week we did sourdough pizza. Two in fact.
    Made the mother starter according to PeterRs formula.
    I must admit that I was very sceptical about this without yeast. I didnt think that it would rise, or get bubbles.
    Suprise, it did, and it taste great. It was a bit sweet, and I dont think I will use as much raw sugar the next time. It did have the sour flavor, and real nice texture. It was not a bit like Schlotzkys, I like there stuff too.

    On another note, I used the barm, or mother, for the loaf of bread that is on the front cover of The Bread Bakers Apprentice, just to see if it would turn out. I was amazed again!  Tastes real good too, the wife also enjoyed it with preserved figs(a sweet and sour thing going on there)

    I have more barm in the fridge and will do it again on Thursday for some friends, and see about feedback

  • #6 by Steve on 27 Jul 2004
  • I have Peter's bram sitting in my refrigerator too. Haven't used it for anything yet, but it's got about an inch of hooch!
  • #7 by Pizzaholic on 27 Jul 2004
  • Steve
    Follow his instructions about removing the hooch and give the sourdough a try
    I dont know if the sugar is needed for the barm to rise, but I think that 3Tbs is plenty.
    I was pleasantly suprised by the outcome