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Title: High Hydration Technique
Post by: hobbes88 on October 23, 2021, 08:38:34 PM

I am a new at pizza making and most of my pizzas are in the disaster
class. However I did luck out his evening and it turned out pretty good.


King Arthur Bread Flour 250 grams
Water                   175 grams
Yeast                   1 to 2 grams. Costco, Red Star Active Yeast.
Olive oil               Some to taste
Honey                   Some to get the yeast going
Salt                    Some to taste


Pizza steel 3/8 inch bought from E-bay. Synergysteeldesigns. It is not as
nicely finished as some other commercial versions but it does have a good
cut out to use as a handle. Food processor for making the dough.


My technique is more blind luck than anything else. However I do have this
somewhat idiot proof technique for high hydration pizzas. It you note
my recipe is 70%+ hydration with the olive oil. This gives a wet dough
that is difficult to work with especially spreading it out and launching
onto the pizza steel. My dough handling skill level is basically zero.

Step 1: Get a plastic cutting board sheet. This is thin and light and about
14 inches by 11 inches it is also quite stiff. I put some oil on this cutting
board to stop the dough sticking and then proceed to put my dough ball
(more like dough splurge) on it.

Step 2: Spread out the dough on the plastic cutting board sheet. You never
need to lift the dough from sheet. Just spread the dough out until you
have the pizza dough thin enough. Spreading the pizza out is easy because
unlike parchment paper the plastic cutting board will not scrunch up but
remains absolutely flat.

Step 3: Put a piece of parchment paper over the spread out pizza dough.

Step 4: Lift the plastic board with the spread out pizza and parchment paper
and flip it upside down, landing on a pizza peel parchment paper side down.

Step 5: Peel off the plastic board. This should be easy because you oiled it.

Step 6: Build you pizza on your peel or launch tray. Tomato sauce, cheese etc.

Step 7: Use scissors to trim off excess parchment paper from around the pizza.
Parchment paper will go brown and may catch on fire at 420+ degrees F. But
if you trim off the parchment paper with scissors you will only have parchment
paper under the pizza. The pizza dough will keep the parchment paper cool
so little to no burning.

Step 8: Easy launch pizza into the oven on the parchment paper. I found
with a steel, even with parchment paper under the pizza, the steel is so hot I get nice
leopard spotting underneath.

Hope this zero skill level technique is useful to someone.

Best, Mike.

P.S. If you look at the picture you can see the used parchment paper to the
side of the pizza. Note there is no burnt paper.