• #1 by PizzaManic on 09 May 2022
  • Ola Pizza Aficionados

    Just wondering has anyone been able to crack the formula for Dominos Pan Pizza. I ate their pizza 8 years ago when on a overseas trip and can't remember much except it was really good and different from other Pan Pizza's we get here.

    Maybe someone can give me a starting point - I wouldn't mind experimenting.

    As a bonus, I have fixed my Conveyor Oven so that will help keep the results consistent.

    Take Care

  • #2 by PizzaManic on 10 May 2022
  • I thought I would find a starting point for a formula. I found a discussion on the forum around the Dominos Pan pizza and modified the formula a bit - hope we can use this to kick off some discussion

    Bread Flour - 100%
    Water - 56%
    Milk Powder - 4%
    IDY - 0.3%
    Sugar - 1.5%
    Butter - 5%
    Salt - 2%

    I'm used to a minimum of 60% hydration or more for all my pizzas - just wondering what would happen with a slightly lower hydration like 56% in this formula.