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So I ended up buying this mixer i was able to get pretty good price.  The previous owner took it apart and didnít put it back together correctly he didnít have the spiral threaded correctly on the shaft coming down from the drive sprocket,  i contacted Sunmix USA through email and they were pretty helpful they said I need it get it threaded up higher.  So I took it apart, I couldnít  get the thread to break loose and go higher on the shaft, so I jimmy rigged it.  I used 4 washers to raise up the sprocket that drives the spiral and it seems solved that problem. 
Off-Topic Foods / Re: If you like pistachios.....
« Last post by FeCheF on Today at 12:00:34 AM »
One of the things  we make and sell at our portable pizza palace, are onion and garlic pistachios, we then smoke them in hickory. They are hard to keep in stock.

Sounds insteresting. How much do you you charge for 11oz?
Pizza Cheese / Re: Grande WM Mozzarella...Overrated?
« Last post by Chicago Bob on Yesterday at 11:57:50 PM »
And please, lest not forget their Premio brand It. Snausage folks....the "mild" variety only now.   ;)

You can make a kick butt Chi thin pizza from simply using all Wally products.... I'm not kidding around!🤡
Pizza Cheese / Re: Grande WM Mozzarella...Overrated?
« Last post by Chicago Bob on Yesterday at 11:53:04 PM »
I like it okay, but I can only find it in the deli, at $6.95 per pound, which is way more than I will commit to spending. I get it occasionally when it's on sale. If they sold it by the block, I would probably buy it more often. Quite honestly, as much as I hate to say it, Walmart has been beating the crap out of Meijer for me when it comes to cheese for pizza. They carry Polly-O WMM (not low moisture, but good), they recently started selling their own brand of fresh mozz which is not bad at all (and cheap), and they carry small bricks of Meunster which I use occasionally. I like Meijer for the more 'gourmet' cheeses (gouda, parmesan, etc.), but I've grown very tired of trying to find good and affordable cheese for pizza there.

Walmart has pretty good cheese..... Chicago Bob highly recommends it!!    ;D
Newbie Topics / Re: Thin cracker crust made with lard?
« Last post by Chicago Bob on Yesterday at 11:44:13 PM »
There is a pizza place close to me that has a flour/lard thin cracker type recipe, anyone have a recipe with lard used for the fat?
They did not mention any yeast either.  The place is called Cranky Pats Pizza in Neenah, WI. TIA!!!
That is the only fat we used back in the '70s..... pick a cracker recipe and sub in lard baby.... sub in the lard!    :chef:
chef tip:wire wisk lard into flour till you obtain pebble texture...then proceed. We added whole eggs to the hot water/yeast wet ingredients.  ;)
Newbie Topics / Re: Butter crust Pizza Hut pan pizza
« Last post by Chicago Bob on Yesterday at 11:36:42 PM »
What do you mean by "butter crust"? I haven't eaten at a Pizza Hut in a several years, but I don't remember there being a "butter crust" option. Just traditional pan, thin 'n crispy and hand-tossed.

The Roberta's guy has a "butter crust" recipe that's his take on Pizza Hut Pan pizza from the '80s, but that's officially related to the chain.
I think at one time they used to advertise about brushing garlic butter on rim after bake..... Maybe that's what he's talking about, dunno .    :pizza:
Newbie Topics / Re: Does fresh mozzarella freeze/thaw well?
« Last post by Chicago Bob on Yesterday at 11:30:34 PM »
A very wise man once told me that "it's not just how about much money you make, Michael, but also what you do with it after you get it."
I was a mere pup at the time, and it didn't really sink in.

A year or so later, someone we knew won the lottery. It was 1980, when a million dollars was almost unfathomable riches.
(I'd just taken out a bank loan for about $14,000 to buy my home.)
Still young and dumb, I was fantasising out loud in the locker room about all the things I'd buy with that much money.

Enter the wise man:
"I would not buy a thing with that money."
"You wouldn't?"
"Nope, bank interest is running nearly 10%, I'd put it in the bank."
"That's not much fun."
"I'd have lots of fun. I'd take the $100,000 a year interest, and have a ball with it. And I'd always have that million bucks."
That one sank in.

Why am I telling you this?
Because, the lesson about "it's not just about how much money you make, but what you do with it" really sank in at that point.
It was just after my 20th birthday, 42 years ago, but I remember that conversation with Simmo, may he RIP, as if it were this morning.
From that point I was  far more careful with money - spend it yes, but spend it as wisely as possible.
For example, when food that is still perfectly useable is nearing its expiration date, and is reduced by 40, 60, 80% at the supermarket, we buy as much as we think we can use and freeze it.

And with that in mind, here is a picture of my freezer, a couple years ago.
If you look carefully, you should spot at least 4 varieties of mozzarella (there are actually 5 varieties in there). The serrano ham on the left that was marked down to $2.16 is usually $7.
All of this stuff eats perfectly well. The only thing I do is have an occasional sort out to ensure the oldest stuff is at the front to be used first.
And yes, months after the expiration date it's still fine.

      Mick...'ol boy....Bob could take one Chiko off your hands. Give ya extra roomy for the cheese mate!   :drool:
Chicago Style / Re: Pizza greasy due to raw sausage?
« Last post by Chicago Bob on Yesterday at 11:21:50 PM »
Sausage goes wherever you like it.
Squeeze off sausage portions, freeze the naughty bits before topping your pie. It gives you a few extra minutes before the grease really starts to spurt.
I tuck veggies, meats and cheese, nuzzled under and around so that they may caress one another, and sometimes we slosh a little hot sauce and oil on there for added delight and lubrication.
Sure, it's a topping orgy, but the variations in flavor and layers on the same pie serve as an absolute aphrodisiac... ;D
    Ooooh....you sexy thang!  >:D     An spicey too...how bizzah how bizzah..🎶      :pizza:
Pizza Ovens / Re: Pellethead Smokin' PoBoy Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven
« Last post by engt on Yesterday at 11:12:03 PM »
Just asking if someone has tried this stove.  I only see 1 review of guys comparing to Ooni Fyra.  It was interesting because of the insulated door.

Chicago Style / Re: ROSATIS-Chicago thin
« Last post by Chicago Bob on Yesterday at 10:56:39 PM »
If you notice a lot of places have "pizza makers" that use both hands to grab a bunch of shredded cheese then place it all in the center of the pizza then work to push out to the edges.  If not done correctly and evenly more cheese is in the center.  A poor method to distribute the cheese but it's fast and the commercial places like speed.  The bake is wrong too, cheese discoloration across the surface and the crust can't firm up with boat loads of cheese in the middle, toppings don't do too well either in the center.  Typical of the chains around Chicago I suspect.

   Perfect response to Brant's question.....lazy, and or, ill trained pizza makers.   :chef:
It probably gives the pizza maker a sense of self accomplishment when they can crank the pies out quickly in a busy shop but this just leads to "dump an run" pizzamaking.  :pizza:
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