• #1 by pnicefor on 11 Jun 2022
  • Hi All,

    Has anyone attempted to cut the legs off their FB Andiamo oven and place it on top of a counter?  Looking to do this but wanted to see if anyone else has completed this huge task...

  • #2 by wotavidone on 21 Jun 2022
  • I always thought you could unbolt the legs? They certainly look bolted in the brochure.
    At 600lbs for the Andiamo 70, a garage engine crane could probably lift it in position.

    I suppose you could use old seatbelts, or tie down straps, to sling it.
    And spreader bars. Don't forget the spreaders. Nothing worse than watching the slings slide together and something expensive fall out out of the straps and hit the deck.
    Search youtube for "boat lift fail" to see what I mean.

    How do you find the Andiamo? If my oven hadn't been nearly finished when they were released.....
    I really liked the look and intent of them.