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  • I have a question, not sure why I have not tried this myself. I'm wondering if anyone has tried using aluminum foil under a pizza (in the same way you can use parchment paper). I have used parchment paper many times to help me make the biggest pizza that will fit on my cooking surface.

    It works fairly well, not as good as sliding it right onto the stone or steel, but (I think) 95% as good (or more). Right now I'm using Lloyd Hex Disks (picture below) so I can cook a 16-inch pie on my 16.5 inch stone and it works great.

    So now wondering why not just try aluminum foil - seems like it would work better than parchment paper (no burning worries) and it must be almost thermally invisible- but maybe there would be sticking issues with it. I usually pull out the parchment paper (or Hex Disk) once the skin firms up and finish on the stone or steel. No sticking issues - but any sticking would be a major bummer and slow down or ruin my workflow.

    Has anyone tried aluminum foil - if so, how did it work?
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  • Jon, I read your old post and can't tell if you would repeat it (foil) or not. Are you still a fan of par-baking?. I've just never liked the idea (tried it reluctantly and watched others do it)  However, I would not go out of my way to eat a cracker type crust either.

    Norm, my only pizza & foil experience is wrapping a fully baked pizza in foil and freezing it then reheating it sometime later in the foil. There was some sticking top and bottom. I would expect foil to work not as well as parchment for your purpose and neither to work as well as the screen. Foil tears and sticks more easily than parchment, in my experience.
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  • Thanks jon, thanks, foreplease. I have never made a cracker crust but I have tasted them and they are addictive. I guess your right foreplease, seems like sticking would be an issue - but maybe if a good amount of oil was used on the foil it could work - might even make for an interesting crust (or a mess)  ???
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  • Yes, greased the foil up pretty good. Not making many pies nowadays but when I do I build on a floured linen cloth then transfer to peel and onto stone.
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  • Aluminum foil will reflect away IR. Not sure how much difference that will make, but a lot of the baking on the bottom of a pizza is via IR from the deck.
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  • I just did, it works. But the bottom bakes differently .
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  • MR, was it better or worse and to what degree - did you oil the sheet - did you try to remove the foil part way through the bake - why no photo(s)  ???
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  • I can't tell if it was worse since my dough as over proofed. It lightly oiled the bottom with soybean oil, I left it on through the entire bake.

    But I have a hunch it negatively effects baking.

    I should of taken pics of the bottom, it looked very odd.

    I'll do another one and post pics.