• #1 by pbc on 11 Apr 2021
  • So as the dough calculator wasn't working on this site, started using the Ooni app.  I am not sure if my yeast weight is off, or if the IDY yeast I bought a year ago and put into a glass jar in the freezer is no longer good.

    Recipe is:

    Two 370gram dough balls
    58% Hydration (260g water, 457 g flour)
    3% Salt (14g)
    1% Oil (5g)

    For a 3 hour proof, calls for 4.5 grams of yeast.

    Second time I've tried it, and the dough ball barely rises?  Also find it breaks up easily and isn't that stretchy.

    Does that sound like a yeast issue?
  • #2 by pbc on 11 Apr 2021
  • Pic of dough ball after 2 hours if helpful.
  • #3 by pbc on 11 Apr 2021
  • Also, I put the yeast into the water to dissolve with the salt before adding flour (as I otherwise can't measure only 5 grams on the scale).
  • #4 by 02ebz06 on 11 Apr 2021
  • If you are using IDY, you don't need to dissolve it.
    The salt can kill the yeast.

    What works for me:
    Put the water and salt in the mixing bowl (and sugar if you ever use it)
    Stir to dissolve
    Blend the yeast in the flour
    Add the flour/yeast mixture to the water/salt mixture
    Mix until all flour has been picked up
    Then add the oil

    I have had no issues with IDY kept in freezer for a year.