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Dough Clinic / Re: adding salt too early??
« Last post by scott r on Today at 10:51:47 AM »
I think the reason why Frank prefers the late salt addition could have something to do with the fact that he was using a planetary mixer. 

As Tom has taught us, the early addition of salt makes it take longer to build gluten in the dough.   Trying to mix a high hydration dough in a planetary mixer can be more problematic than it would be with say, a spiral mixer.  Planetary mixers tend to be less efficient at building gluten, and they also tend to heat up the dough a lot.  Both of these are enemies when you are working with wet doughs.  Often times in commercial situations with a planetary mixer I find that my finished dough temp is higher than I would like when I reach the gluten strength I am looking for and im in that 70+ hydration range that Frank lives in.  I prefer it to be room temp if possible so that I dont have the middle of my dough mass at a different temp than the outside after resting. 

Im just hypothesizing here, but to me, it makes sense that with a planetary mixer and high hydrations the late addition of salt is your friend.  If you have a spiral mixer, or are in a home situation with smaller dough masses, and where its easier to do stretch and folds post mixing, I can see where an early addition of salt is not a problem.   
Dough Clinic / Re: Dough Stickier Than Usual
« Last post by Bbqguy on Today at 10:51:29 AM »
As I was just reviewing my notes from the last batch I noticed I did increase the LDMP from 2% to 3% on this batch using 60 degree Lintner to help with color. I don’t know if that would make a difference.
Dough Clinic / Re: adding salt too early??
« Last post by RHawthorne on Today at 10:50:17 AM »
I read it as completely debunking it...
I couldn't agree more, and it brings up yet another critically important point: sugar is also hygroscopic, yet nobody thinks twice about adding sugar in the proofing water with their yeast, or adding the sugar whenever they feel like it. Also, a lot of people don't even seem to process the fact that salt is quite often added IN WATER .This fact alone should be quite sufficient to deduce that salt can't possibly rob yeast of it's moisture in such an environment. But as has already been said, old myths die hard.
Dough Clinic / Dough Stickier Than Usual
« Last post by Bbqguy on Today at 10:42:45 AM »
Hey guys. This morning I made a batch of dough for NY pizza. I usually use KABF but today I wanted to try something different so I did a 50/50 mix of KABF and KA all purpose. I found the dough to be stickier than previous batches. Ive included the formula below. What could cause this?
Dough Clinic / Re: adding salt too early??
« Last post by Jon in Albany on Today at 10:31:20 AM »
I pretty much use IDY for pizza and have had similar results as this testing messing around with when salt and IDY get added, including starting the IDY in a portion of the total water heated to 95 degrees. I don't really see a difference in the finished dough. I mix up a good size batch of dough (close to 12 pounds), but that is still nothing compared to a commercial operation.

But Frank at Mama's Too was certain the late salt addition impacted his dough (and I absolutely loved the flavor of his squares). No idea if his work flow has changed since and I believe his opinion was formed on personal experience with dough trials. He was also using CY at the time and this testing was ADY. I would also think other aspects of a dough's workflow and handling impact how the finished product comes out.

Pizza Ovens / Re: Gozney Dome???
« Last post by Cogs on Today at 10:04:02 AM »
The website shows one stone, a 30mm cordierite stone. It wouldn't make sense to have different stones as you bake at the same temp with either gas or wood.

Yep. I would prefer having a solid deck on the non fire side but understand the economics.
The carbon oven is very forgiving. The burner design keeps the back from overheating the pizza. Plus 15 inches of work space allows a lot of room for placement. The carbon pizza oven stand looks pretty neat.
 Note the peel in the kit,if he front isn’t slightly beveled it will not slide easily under the pizza. You may have to file the front a little.the better peels like GI metal are ground down in the front. I scrape mine on a flat cement surface then clean it up with a file, clean and sterilize when done.
Dough Clinic / Re: adding salt too early??
« Last post by scott r on Today at 08:36:55 AM »
not to derail, but check out this guys pan seasoning page!
Dough Clinic / Re: adding salt too early??
« Last post by HansB on Today at 08:22:22 AM »
According to Scott’s link, there is something to it. Not that one method kills the yeast and render the dough useless, but that there are nuances that can have an impact when comparing recipes.

I read it as completely debunking it...
Home Ovens / Re: New pizza oven Carbon kitchen
« Last post by thezaman on Today at 08:16:59 AM »
 Carbon bake same dough as last pizza above. Extra 48 hours cold storage.
Also,lots of Carbon pizza oven ideas are being kicked around by the company.
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