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Pizza Ovens / Re: chimney size diameter
« Last post by WilliamDigger on Today at 07:57:08 PM »
I'm putting a removable liner on the inside that will give (Hopefully) 2 inches for an air gap,
I say hopefully because bending 3/16" steel is a tuff task and takes 3 people more if possible, 
if the air gap fails to give satisfactory results I can use insulation between filling the air gap.

It would be easer to install over the outside but I like the shape and eventually I will
cover with copper or bronze.   
I haven’t posted in a long, long while but I am
still alive and making Neapolitan Pizza often. Still love using my Pizza Party Adore and Woodfired Oven. Here are some of my Neapolitans I made today. Sourdough starter (about 10%), 66% Hydration, Caputo Pizzeria (always come back to it). Tomatoesauce is homemade with fresh Tomatoes from the garden.

Hello Markus,

When I first got my Ardore oven in January '19, your videos on youtube very much inspired me as to what was possible with this oven. So thank you! It was still in the 'earlier years' of the small ovens being as common. My first oven (still have it but just sits there) was the Roccbox until I got the Ardore which was light years ahead on its design and with the Saputo Biscotto Stone. What was the temperature you fermented and for how long? I have been doing sourdough experiments with 100% Caputo Pizzeria for the last month and a half. Before that from April (I have been only experimenting with sourdough not even 6 months, before that was 4 years of pizza with regular yeast) I had been blending in some % of stronger flour to "handle" the sourdough factor.

The time/moisture graph (along with some other interesting graphs) is from this study: https://sci-hub.se/https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2008.09.037
Thanks guys, good to know about the long ferment issues.
A couple of pies from Friday evening's bake out of the Ardore. Pistachio pesto and sausage and Sicilian inspired fried eggplant, with sauteed red onion, fresh mozzarella, and ricotta. Since I had the guests coming that evening, for some insurance that I wouldn't have any issues (some flavor too, suppose) I blended in 5% Caputo type 1, and 5% Super Nuvola to go with the 90% Caputo Pizzeria 00. The average room temperature overall was probably around 72 F in the 24 hours. Went ahead with 4% starter and 65% hydration, and 3% salt. This was probably around hour 26 or 27 from the initial mixing which I did by hand.

I had the oven off for a bit and around hour 29, one of the guests who was in learning mode, wanted to make a Margherita so I fired up the oven again. The guest did an okay job stretching (I had to help with the final stretch to get the dough to reach close to the ends of the peel), and launched the pizza, but asked me to rotate. So hour 29 plus the pizza ended up fine (no photo) so not sure if the little bit of stronger flour made a difference or even if the flour was 100% 00, perhaps I still had much more time to work before the dough became much more difficult to work with.

Next experiment (for myself) I'll go back to all 100% 00 flour and perhaps reduce salt to around 2.5% and see what effect, if any, that has. In my 5 years of doing this (and not even 6 months yet of sourdough experiments), I've also used 3% salt only because that was a guideline but I never questioned the reasons beyond flavor in the dough. My understanding now is that it can speed up fermentation with less salt and perhaps also make the stretching easier so it will be interesting to find out if this is the case in that next experiment.
Hearth Ovens / Re: Dry Stack WFO: Pavers or Bricks?
« Last post by TheWaterbug on Today at 07:16:06 PM »
I can close in the sides of the front with either the ~half bricks angled wide, leaving a 13.5" opening, or the narrow side, leaving a 17.5" opening.

And since this is a dry-stack build, I can change it any time I want.

I gotta go buy more bricks!!  ;D
Hearth Ovens / Re: Dry Stack WFO: Pavers or Bricks?
« Last post by TheWaterbug on Today at 06:53:53 PM »
There is a further mod I would do to the oven I linked to.
It looks a bit unstable with the wall bricks laid on edge. I think I'd feel better if they were laid flat, even though it would, if built to the same internal dimensions increase the thermal mass.

I took inspiration from your markup and modeled this, with the lintel and 2 courses of bricks. I can close in the sides of the front with either the ~half bricks angled wide, leaving a 13.5" opening, or the narrow side, leaving a 17.5" opening.

Off-Topic Foods / Re: Today's Bread
« Last post by fitzgen on Today at 06:42:46 PM »
My breville smart oven bit the dust: noticed something very wrong with my bread and found out it wouldn’t go above 280F anymore. Luckily they are fixing/replacing it.

Learning how to bake with my home oven again.

A bit less spring and tighter crumb than I’d like.

70% trailblazer, 25% whole home-milled red fife, 5% whole home-milled mecca rye, 82% hydration, 10% levain, 2.5% salt.
Hearth Ovens / Re: Dry Stack WFO: Pavers or Bricks?
« Last post by TheWaterbug on Today at 06:38:50 PM »
I don't know why they do it.
Ah, I stacked the concrete block base yesterday, and then started playing with my "heavy Legos™" , and now it's apparent why they went with two chambers. If the fire bricks are stacked at the edges of a 24" paver, the chamber's only 15" x 18", and there would be no room for a fire and a pizza. The disc in this images is 12" in diameter.

If I build a frame of angle iron for fire bricks instead of the pavers, I can make a much larger cavity that still fits on my base, with chamber size of 22.5" x 27", and that starts to look more reasonable.

American Style / Re: Quad Cities dough recipes
« Last post by Timpanogos Slim on Today at 06:23:51 PM »
OK. I arbitrarily increased the water further to 50% which may have been unwarranted. Comments on the recipe sources said to double the cold water so 250 might be about right.

Also - I forgot to add the yeast which given as 1/4tsp of SAF Instant is like 0.18%
Wherever i got that gram to tsp conversion for dry oregano it is way way off. Disregard and use volume measurement or just your own judgment.

I had to warm up my malt syrup to get it to pour from the jug. I measured it by taring the scale and pouring it on top of the flour.

Food processor had zero problems bringing that together.

This is a strange dough indeed.

I'm gonna let it rest in the bowl for an hour or so before hand kneading, balling, and refrigerating. Cold snap and rain here today so it is only like 60 degrees in the kitchen right now.

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