• #1 by Pizzacrazy7 on 01 Oct 2009
  • I pretty much used Jeff V's "A tale of two sicilians" at,7426.msg63928.html#msg63928 recipe only tweaking a little.  I cut the hydration to 70%.  However, anxious to try new recipes, I did not do a poolish, just mixing all ingredients together, putting in fridge overnight and baking today.  I originally was going for a "Big Cheese" sicilian style pizza, which is no longer around here :(.  Then I struggled with making a pizza or trying some cheesesticks kind of like Pizza Hut, although I am not a Pizza Hut fan - AT ALL.  I went with the cheese sticks and here's the result.  They were AWESOME.  Had that burnt cheese along the edge that I love and they just tasted great!
  • #2 by jeff v on 01 Oct 2009
  • Pizzacrazy,

    Glad that recipe was some help to you, the pizza looks great! I am going to do the dough in the fridge next time as well-how'd you like it? Did you bake the same temp?


  • #3 by Pizzacrazy7 on 01 Oct 2009
  • Jeff,

    Baked at 550 (highest mine will go) in a 9x9 pan on my stone.  Didnt take long to cook.
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  • Pizzacrazy7,
    Your Sicilian Cheesesticks look absolutely yummy!  The burnt cheese sounds good. 
    I want to try Jeff's recipe for the "A tale of two Sicilians"  soon. 
  • #5 by IndyRob on 12 Oct 2009
  • I've been doing something very similar - based on Little Caesar's Cheesy Bread.  I use a 70% hydration dough as well.  But I melt some margarine and add some salt and garlic powder to taste.  Then I mix that with my grated Mozzarella/Provolone and top the dough directly.  I top with some shakes of oregano before baking, but parmesan is what LC uses (I've found that good parm disappears, while the Kraft stuff doesn't add much).
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  • Yes yes yes!!!  That burnt cheese along the edge is absolutely crucial!  I've been working on my Sicilian, and that is really the one aspect that still need.