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Off-Topic Foods / Re: Tacos of all flavors
Last post by Ischia - Today at 06:04:02 PM
Are any of you making your own taco sauce(s) or have a good, spicy recipe to share? 
General Pizza Making / Re: Capt. B's pizza journey......
Last post by Pizza5050 - Today at 04:54:47 PM
Quote from: CaptBob on May 27, 2024, 02:00:48 PMThanks PapaJawnz! I love to use old dough balls for thin and crispy. Most any kind of dough will work. If making from scratch it would be either AP or bread flour or maybe a 50/50 mix. I don't do the low hydration thing like some do for these......I use 62%. These can be done the same day quite easily. If I do that I'll add some garlic powder and ground oregano to the dough for some extra flavor. They are then rolled out in corn meal.  I par bake these at 450 for about 5 minutes, let them cool on a wire rack, then top and bake at 500 to 550 on a steel in the kitchen oven. Cheers!!🍕🍕
Oops, one more thing. I know you take these camping. Thinking might try to finish off either on the grill or maybe the Blackstone flat griddle. Like reheating a NY pie (small dinner of 6pp etc). Thanks for sharing !

General Pizza Making / Re: Capt. B's pizza journey......
Last post by Pizza5050 - Today at 04:50:13 PM
Quote from: CaptBob on May 27, 2024, 06:39:53 PMThis dough ball was about 240g I think and the crust was almost 14" after rolling. I don't dock these because I like the bubbles that give it some character!😊 And, as I mentioned, roll the dough out in corn meal and par bake in a cutter pan or some parchment would work as well. I have an old U S Pans non stick pizza pan that works perfectly for the par bake. Ovens vary but par bake just long enough to get a few brown spots ( usually in the middle) on the crust. Make sure to cool it on a wire rack as you'll be surprised at how much moisture comes out of it!
CaptBob - thank you for the details !!  These look great and a nice variation for a pizza party!

Shop Talk / Re: Cheap vs. Expensive Toppin...
Last post by amcoolio - Today at 04:45:27 PM
I pay up for pepperoni (ezzo), down for sausage, middle for cheese (mix cheaper Saputo Gold (flavor) with Boar's Head off the block mozzarella (texture))

Mushrooms I find Crimini to be great and cost effective. I buy whole and chop, tend to last longer.

Get the cheapest artichokes I can get, there's no difference (at least to me). 

Have to pay up for fire roasted tomatoes, I just can't make them as firm as good as Divina

Other veggies, just the cheapest or whatever is available

frozen cut pineapple is way better and the cost is negligible vs. canned pineapple which looks obviously canned. I could probably prep fresh pineapple, but only running a 2 man operation right now.

I have always used grande ricotta and haven't really considered cheaper options, I'll look into it? I just like the smooth, not gritty feel of grande's

tomatoes for sauce, you have to pay up for, its just such a huge difference. we use alta cucina plum and imported Mediterranean sea salt, also just is much better.

i pay a little bit up for the box, because I wanted plain brown boxes, the stock print is just too tacky. Like seriously why are they always so overly tacky? Would it kill them to have a nice, clean design?
Prep Equipment / Re: KYS 7+ mixer, anyone purch...
Last post by LeeMajors - Today at 04:32:21 PM
Quote from: WhyNot on July 21, 2024, 12:17:13 AMHeya,

Did you get them on or
Ordered the 7+ on the first site the 12th, it was cheaper to pay in $. Site says 15/20 days

Says it's coming from Germany ? No update yet on the tracking.

Meanwhile looking for more review, found out the original version with no branding for the newest model , HM-5TD 5l 2kg // HM-10TD 10l 4KG . Video from the site

Don't know what to think about it. It is way cheaper at first but with shipping it ends the same. Unless you buy several and sell them later.

Hopefully, ordering from a EU company means better warranty in case anything goes wrong, no import tax to worry about, and a better service (english?). They also added the ice belt, don't think it is in the package with the original retailer

I would have gone for the New version Easy Baker 5 but also thinking about making bread, I thought it could be small, and KYS doesn't offer lifetime warranty on this one's motor (even if the chance of breaking it is really low...)

Wish there was a Easy 7 version but hey, it's too late now

Update. My mixer was shipped on Monday and arrived today. Will get some dough on the go hopefully tomorrow or Friday 
Pizza Cheese / Re: Dangerous Brick Cheese Res...
Last post by QuickDraw - Today at 03:54:49 PM
Quote from: TXCraig1 on July 02, 2024, 03:38:17 PMIn the past, they have had two different brick cheeses at central market. One of them is pretty rank.
I've bought a few that i just threw out after trying them, not my cup o cheese.  

just wanted to shout out my brick cheese source.  this is somewhat local to me, as i will run by the creamery when out fishing the driftless area.  no complaints here.  I've tried a few different sources and so far this is my favorite:
Resources / Re: Looking for Molino Quaglia...
Last post by Globalksp - Today at 03:47:07 PM
Following up to my own post to comment that ordering from Brick Oven Baker has been great! Highly recommend to anyone looking for the products they carry.  
Shop Talk / Re: Plastic round stacking dou...
Last post by gcpizza - Today at 03:42:16 PM
Quote from: suburbanpizza on July 03, 2022, 10:37:08 PMHello, can someone please tell me what the correct name for these are? If you have had any success using them? And where I can purchase them?
Quote from: suburbanpizza on Today at 03:26:18 PMany ideas?
Two years and still looking?

Try plugging "round plastic pizza dough proofing container" into Google and you'll see quite a number of options 😉
Prep Equipment / Plastic dough “tins”
Last post by suburbanpizza - Today at 03:36:47 PM
Hello, can someone please tell me what the correct name for these are? If you have had any success using them? And where I can purchase them?