• #1 by Randy on 17 Jan 2005
  • The last bottle of Classico Olive oil I bought was close to $9 for the 1 litre bottle(34 oz).  Has the price gone up that much everywhere else?

  • #2 by canadianbacon on 17 Jan 2005
  • Hi Randy,

    I don't know about that brand, but I buy the bottle that comes with the green label on it at Costco and it's pretty expensive .... this one you have is it *extra* virgin olive oil ? , that is a lot more expensive than the regular olive oil ( second pressing )


    sorry it doesn't answer your question.
  • #3 by Pete-zza on 17 Jan 2005
  • Randy,

    I live outside of Dallas, and the Classico 34 oz. goes for $8.55 at Albertson's, $8.99 at Sack 'n Save, and $9.99 at Tom Thumb (which I believe is/was a part of Safeway). However, Tom Thumb, which usually has the highest prices of all the local supermarkets, had the 17 oz. Classico on sale at $3.99, or $7.99 for two bottles.

  • #4 by Randy on 18 Jan 2005
  • Peter it could very well be I had been getting the smaller bottles and this time picked up the larger one.  The price you showed was on the money for the one litre I bought.
    Thanks for the information.

  • #5 by DKM on 19 Jan 2005
  • I live in the same area as Peter so I can't help much other then to say its been around that price for a some time.

  • #6 by Randy on 20 Jan 2005
  • Found it at wally world last night for about 2 dollars less than the local grocery store WinnDixie. 1 litre bottle
  • #7 by DKM on 20 Jan 2005
  • I have a hard time finding it Wal-Mart.  They sell out of it quite a bit.

  • #8 by Lars on 26 Jan 2005
  • I buy EVOO by the gallon at a Greek, Italian, Lebanese, or Brazilian market, and the price is from $21 to $28/gallon, which is slightly less than 4 liters.  I like the Portuguese EVOO from the Brazilian market best, but I use cheap Italian or Lebanese EVOO for general purposes, which I sometimes buy by the liter for $7 at the Lebanese market.  The Lebanese always seem to have the best prices.