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Title: Mangia Apizza, North Haven, CT
Post by: polishpizza on August 08, 2020, 03:05:33 PM
Just wanted to share our review of Mangia Apizza (ahbeetz) in North Haven CT.  They opened up about 7 months ago in North Haven, CT.  The two owners have HUGE roots in the historic New Haven Apizza scene.  Cumulatively they worked at Sally's, Capone's, Tony and Lucilles, etc.  30+ years in the biz and they know New Haven Style Apizza.  We had 4 pies, large mozz, large fresh tomato with garlic, large plain and an apple and cheese dessert pie as well.  Watch the video below for a review of the mozz pie.  Overall the place was really, really good.  The sauce was amazing (sweet and salty), the crust was perfectly cooked, a little char, and the mozz was buttery and salty.  The combination was heaven.  Fresh tomato was outstanding as well.  The smell of the garlic coming off that pie when it hit the table was to die for if you are a garlic lover.  Plain pie with sauce and Pec Rom, out of this world for a plain New Haven famous pie...I personally was not a big fan of the apple pie but the other guys I was with loved it.  Just not my thing.  In fairness, the aroma that pie gave off was amazing like you were at Grandma's table and a fresh baked apple pie just came out of the oven.  Try Mangia, you will not be let down.
Title: Re: Mangia Apizza, North Haven, CT
Post by: nhnybo on November 24, 2020, 11:48:43 AM
I like your videos. I did study in New Haven in the eighties and I really loved the pizza there. Little did I know then, that New Haven Pizza was special. But all pizza since then, everywhere else, just wasn't quite the same ;)