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Title: GF pizza and a question
Post by: RaphX on April 28, 2020, 09:05:37 PM
Hey guys,

I've been working for Caputo FioreGlut for almost a year now, and added a Roccbox to my cooking tools a month ago.

After few burned cornicione, and some nice pie, I decided to post tonight success (I think) and ask a question about my results.

I use Michele D'Amelio's base recipe (found on YouTube). Not good with baker's percentage, but I did my best here.

100% Caputo FioreGlut (1kg bag)
80% Water (800 ml)
3.5% EVOO (35g)
3.% salt (30g, Himalayan pink salt)
0.7% ADY (7g packet)

Usually, I do 24h balled CF, but last dough batch was a 75% hydration (due to the shorter time-frame I had), a 2h bulk RT and 10h balled RT (at 70F-ish). I've frozen 3 balls that were unused 2 weeks ago, and thawed them in the fridge overnight, and brought them to room temperature for 90 minutes.

Cooked in the Roccbox for approx 90sec after a 30min preheating (floor temp between 925 at the back and 800 at the front).

This picture is the last pie that I've cooked tonight and reduced the flame to the minimum after launching the pizza. Pepperoni, proscuitto, tomate (crushed italian tomatoes, mozzarella di latte, Parmigiano, fresh basil and EVOO.

This batch is one of the best leoparding that I've achieved, I guess the longer ferment is the key here.

My gf, who is not coeliac, enjoy the pizza, but everytime she claims that the dough isn't cooked through and that she feels the change in texture (picture #3 is the exhibit, but it's subtle in picture). Under the sauce, the dough seems translucent. Personally, I enjoy the chewiness of the dough and I don't find to be a raw dough feeling, but as a long time coeliac, I never tasted gluten-based NP pizza to compare... Is it normal to have a "softer" section under the toppings ?

Thanks in advance for your enlightenment !
Title: Re: GF pizza and a question
Post by: UtahPaison on December 18, 2021, 01:44:04 PM
I know its an old post but this pie looks beautiful!
Title: Re: GF pizza and a question
Post by: silviaapilinario on December 23, 2021, 02:30:49 AM
It looks nice. I also will give a shot to it.

I tried out another recipe last week. It was a fantastic experience for me. I've included a link to it below so you can check it out.